Waitress Resumes

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The professionals who bring your food to the table and often check to see if everything is okay or if you need anything else are referred to as waiters or waitresses. These are the experienced individuals who have the experience and training that is required to wait on people. Their key responsibilities include; welcoming guests and customers in the restaurant, making sure that sitting situation is comfortable for the guests, informing them about the meals and their ingredients, receiving orders and customized meal requests from the guests, informing the chef about the meals and special requests made by the guests, serving the meals to the guests and most common is making recommendations. When customers don’t know what to order or how to decide, they often rely on their waitress to choose the perfect dish for them.

Career Objective for Waitress Job:

Furnishing a resume with a career objective statement not only makes it more professional but it also increases your chances to actually land on an interview where you can convince the employer why he should hire you in person. Here are some of the examples of career objective statements for waitress job.

  1. Looking for the position of a waitress at ABC restaurant where I can find a challenging job to utilize my management and organizational skills with the knowledge I have earned from my previous experience.
  2. A highly motivated individual with more than 4 years of experience at a 5-star restaurant is searching for meeting with a new challenge that enables me to use by waiting skills and expertise.
  3. A professional waitress with experience in private parties and family gatherings is seeking the job of waitress at ABC food place. Along with 3 years of waiting experience and 6 month diploma in waiting, I have extraordinary set of people skills, excellent convincing power and the power of multitasking.

Education Required for Waitress:

For a common restaurant, there is no need to have more than basic education or even no education at all. This job is technical and the waitress should be able to read and write and do basic calculations and that’s enough. High school diploma is the standard education requirement for most of the fast food places and 2-3 star restaurants. Now when we talk about high class restaurants where rich people dine and executives meet with their clients, it’s a whole different story. These restaurants want their staff to have proper manners and etiquette to wait and serve high level customers. These places usually look for applicants who have at least high school diploma and preferably graduation with couple of short courses in hosting parties and being a waitress in high importance restaurants.

Required Experience for Waitress:

Memorizing special meals, telling all the available meals and their key ingredients to the customers, remembering their orders and calculating their check are the skills that a waitress should possess to be successful and these expertise don’t come over night. It’s not like you can read a book or take a class and become a good waitress but you need to work on the job for familiarize yourself with regular situations and their solutions. An untrained waitress might get confused if the customer says his food doesn’t taste good but an experienced waitress would have the ability to handle the situation without causing a scene in the restaurant. Usually waitresses are required to have at least 2-3 years of experience but depending on the restaurant or fast food place, this requirement can increase up to 5 or even 10 years of experience for Michelin start restaurants who host elite class and high profile customers.

Key Skills Essential for Waitress:

Although job of a waitress might seem something that anyone can do but the fact is that not everyone can perform good at such a job. As a waitress, you will be working long shifts and you might need to cover for someone who took leave of absence which means working on double shift without work is a casual hazard of this profession. Being able to work long hours requires hard working and patient employee who can handle stress at work. Also, you will be responsible to take orders from hundreds of customers on daily basis and this repetition can cause overwhelming. To deal with it, you need to be patient enough to perform your duties. To accurately bring each customer’s order to them and calculating their check requires excellent calculation and memory skills. Other common skills required for being a waitress include; being punctual, working under pressure, following strict instructions and excellent people and communication skills to handle all sorts of customers on regular basis.

Professional References for Waitress:

Waiting is one of the professions where the owner or restaurant manager doesn’t get the chance to closely watch the performance of these workers but most of this responsibility falls on the shoulders of their immediate supervisor. This also explains that when waitresses apply for a new job, they usually include their supervisor as a professional reference rather than adding the name of restaurant manager. Other options may include; names of your coworkers i.e. other waitresses who can talk about your reputation and workmanship as a waitress. Some waitresses also produce recommendation letters from satisfied customers at the time of interview for a new job. These letters can be used for presenting your credibility to the new employer.