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Teacher Resumes

Download these 22 Free Teacher Resume Samples in MS Word Format to study before preparing your own Teacher Resume for your next Job.

Students learn from books but it’s not like they can get books from the library and just by going through it, they will understand everything. Most of the time, every student needs someone who can help him to learn the stuff in the books and teach him in an easy way so that he can understand it. This person who helps students learning about books and passing their grades is known as the teacher.

Job Responsibilities of a Teacher:

  • The key responsibility of a teacher is to help the students with the books and education
  • Creating sessions of classes to cover the syllabus
  • Helping the students and explaining difficult stuff in an easy way
  • Focusing on each student in the class to analyze the progress and problems
  • Keeping in touch with the students and counseling them to overcome their disabilities
  • Updating the parents of the students in order to share his thoughts with them about the students

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Teacher Resume

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Salary of a Teacher:

It depends on each school, state and even country that how much a teacher is paid. Usually a high school teacher makes more money as compared to a nursery school teacher and a college teacher earns more money as compared to a high school teacher. After some experience, when a teacher becomes a lecturer or professor, they start earning more money. The earning for a teacher can be anywhere in between $30000 to $90000 per year and this is the case for regular salary basis. Many schools and institutions also hire teachers on session basis or on the basis of the number of students in each class. In that case, the earning actually depends on many factors and variables so it’s not possible to give even a random figure.

Essential Elements in Teacher Resume:

  • Personal information
  • Objectives
  • Education
  • Work related experience
  • Awards and accomplishments
  • Hobbies/favorite activities
  • Job related skills
  • Computer skills
  • Reference for previous employment
  • Community or welfare work

Useful Tips for Writing a Teacher Resume:

  • There is no need to cut back on the important stuff such as your previous job responsibilities and achievements and there is also no need to include irrelevant or less important stuff in the resume just to make it filled with words.
  • Once you complete the resume, make sure to proofread it properly. If you can’t find any mistakes, ask someone else to point them out for you.
  • You should know that hundreds of applicants apply for teaching job every month and that’s why most schools and colleges have a computer system to store the resumes. In that case, it is really important for you to include keywords in your resume related to the job you are applying for.
  • Employers start reading the resume from top to bottom and most of the time; they don’t consider the headings or titles in the sections so you need to prioritize the stuff on your resume. Put the more important stuff in the beginning i.e. your employment history and leave the less important stuff for bottom.
  • It is sure that it will take more time and effort but it is really important that whenever you want to send an application, you write a customized resume for each kind of job. Read the job description thoroughly and then create the resume in such a way that the employer wants to see it.

Free Teacher Resume Samples

Here are previews and download links for these 22 Free Teacher Resume Samples in MS Word Format.

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Teaching is considered as one of the most reasonable and respective jobs in the society at present. The job is quite interesting and requires hard work to be good in this profession. The job of a teacher is to assist the students in learning specific subjects ranging from science, mathematics, and literature to engineering, medical and much more. The nature of this job is quite demanding, as it gives good wages but also requires you to put in all your efforts. The teaching career can be at any level from the kids in kindergarten, to the students of professional studies including engineering and technology, medicine, law and several other fields.

The employers in this field of career are mostly institutions like schools, colleges, universities, training centers and academies etc. The most important demand of an employer in this career is a specific education and training; which may vary according to the nature of the job i.e. if you are going to apply for teaching in a school you will require lesser education and a different teaching program than in the case where you are applying to teach in a university; where you might be required to have a higher degree in the concerned subjects. Moreover the employers demand the personnel to be responsible with a serious attitude towards the teaching profession.

Teaching as a career has a very healthy working potential in its field. It’s a never-ending profession, safe and secure; as the human beings keep learning from birth till death. It offers reasonable salary packages and several other benefits, which make the offer quite charming.

You come across innumerable vacancies for the posts of teachers and professors daily in newspapers, television ads, Internet and many such sources. To apply for such a profession, the resume writing has some specific requirements, which need to be fulfilled to make you eligible for them. No doubt the interview is your chance to job, but resume is the first ever impression you make on your employer; and it obviously counts. Here are some key points to consider in such resumes.

  • The resume should have your brief contact details including name, address and contact number etc. in the starting.
  • Following this, instead of mentioning useless details, consider mentioning their required details, where your teaching experiences come at the top of the list. Mention them orderly and in full detail; in descending order i.e. your latest job at the top
  • After that mention your complete education and training details; your degrees any other related qualifications.
  • After completing the basic requirements you can either end your resume or can mention any additional details, which can be of help to convince the employer to consider you. These might include any additional training, volunteer work or any such activity, which might catch the eye.

Along with keeping in mind these key points, there are also some mistakes, which are commonly made during writing of resume. Here are a few NOT-To-Dos which you must keep in view while writing your resume for teaching career.

  • Do not commit typing and grammatical mistakes. They are the worst impression for a teacher’s resume.
  • Mention things in full, do not consider cutting out details because the employer is always interested in knowing about yourself.
  • Try to show a sense of ‘service’ instead of ‘accomplishment’.
  • Do not forget to mention the dates in your resume; whether these are the dates of your educational records or the previous experiences. Never ignore them.

These tips might come in handy and can become a source of better opportunities if taken into consideration while writing a resume.