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Security guards are highly trained and experienced professionals who make sure the safety of an individual or a piece of property. You can see these guards at banks, government departments and walking with high level individuals who want to travel in a safe environment with protection around them. These experts know security protocols and safety measurements that are required for the safety of their bosses and their assets.

Career Objective for Security Guard Job:

If you are applying for a security guard job, chances are that there will be other applicants who might be more qualified than you. You need to control the situation and do whatever it takes to convince the employer or hiring committee to select your name for the interview. One of these things is adding a career objective statement in the resume. This statement will help employer to make the decision if he should take interest in your application or move to next applicant.

  1. An individual is looking to work as a security guard in ABC bank with more than 3 years of experience and exceptional career in preventing unlawful activities at my previous job with the help of attention to detail skills and power to make judgment calls in split seconds.
  2. A highly educated and well trained retired marine is searching for the security guard job at Mayor’s office and have 14 years of government service with impeccable career as a military man and brief knowledge of negotiating and handling difficult situations.
  3. A vigilant individual with high observation and attention to behavioral change skills is searching for head security guard job at ABC trading company and I am accompanied by exceptional knowledge of security protocols, safety procedures and experience in use of technical and advanced equipment.

Security Guard Resume Sample:

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Education Required for Security Guard:

For a technical job such as a security guard, professional education doesn’t matter because there is no school or college that teaches you to become a security guard. You need you have experience and actual training to handle the stress and difficult situations on the job. As far the requirements go, employers prefer to hire individuals with at least high school diploma or a high school dropout who joined armed forced and have exceptional experienced as an army personnel. Any degree above high school diploma is a plus point for the applicant and if they have short courses i.e. handling weapons, designing an evacuation plan or transfer of high importance assets, there is nothing stopping them from getting the interview call.

Required Experience for Security Guard:

Working as a security guard means becoming a shield in between your employer and any hazard or danger that might come in his way. This requires professional education and more importantly, technical training and on-job experience. You can read all the books you want on how to become a security guard but in the field, your experience is going to lead you out of a dangerous situation. This is the reason that most of the employers prefer hiring ex-military personnel for these jobs because these professionals are trained to protect and they know how to handle weapons. For a good security guard position that also pays well, at least 4-5 years of education and technical training is required.

Key Skills Essential for Security Guard:

While working as a security guard, you will be responsible for someone’s life or property and this is not an easy job. With this profession comes the highest level of stress and pressure. The thought of just making one mistake and might losing it all is something that not everyone can handle. The one most important skill required for being a security guard is the attention to detail. You need to be able to observe little things and behavior changes to protect yourself and your employer. Excellent communication skills and the ability to follow strict guidelines for performing the job is also a must. Other important skills might include; knowledge of your scope of authority, understanding of weapons and their maintenance and the skills of being a good team leader or security supervisor to keep team members highly motivated.

Professional References for Security Guard:

Being a security guard is not easy and you can say that you actually put your life on the line for your profession. On the other hand, if a person hires a security guard, they expect them to be professional and actual guard the property or people for whom they work for. Reputation and professional references are the key elements of a security guard resume. By talking to your previous employers and supervisors, your current employer can make sure that you have good reputation and he is not putting his property or his own life on risk by hiring an unprofessional person. To produce proof of your reputation, you are asked to provide references that can vouch for your services. By talking to your previous employers, not only your performance is evaluated but it’s also a standard procedure to check your record for any criminal charges or offenses.