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Secretary Resumes

Download these 19 Free Secretary Resume Samples to study before preparing your own Secretary Resume in MS Word using MS Word.

Even if the names or titles are different, it’s the same job and it doesn’t matter if you call them personal assistants or secretaries, they all have to do the same job. A secretary is an assistant who assists his or her senior staff in every way possible in the office. There are dozens of tasks that the senior staff members don’t need to do by themselves and these duties can be performed by an assistant or a secretary in this situation.

Job Responsibilities of a Secretary:

  • Making appointments for the senior staff
  • Managing work schedule and diaries
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Creating presentations and distributing them in the meetings
  • Taking notes in the meetings
  • Making and receiving phone calls
  • Receiving and sending parcels and documents
  • Keeping good filing system
  • Printing and photocopying important documents in the office

Here is preview of a Free Sample Secretary Resume created by our staff using MS Word,

Secretary Resume

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Salary of a Secretary:

Usually companies don’t consider secretaries to be very important and thus this job doesn’t pay that well. Usually a secretary earns around $25000 per year. Many companies also hire secretaries on hourly basis where they can earn around $8-$10 per hour.

If you need more options to study different secretary resumes before coming up with your own then we strongly recommend you to have a look at this free sample executive secretary resume and also so many other sample resumes.

Required Skills for Secretary Job:

  • Technical skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Decision making power
  • Critical thinking
  • Good typing speed
  • Excellent language skills i.e. English, German, Polish
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Being able to be attentive to details
  • Team working
  • Multitasking

Useful Tips for Creating a Secretary Resume:

  • There is no need to add any personal information such as your hobbies in the resume. No one cares what your interests are and what you do in your spare time. Unless the hobbies are really important for the job you are applying for, don’t mention this kind of stuff in the resume.
  • In the employment section of your resume, you need to provide specifics about each of your previous jobs and it will be better to mention specific names of the employers who you worked with but only if they are really famous in the field.
  • When you read the job description, you can find the salary for that position very easily. So it is really important that when you create the resume, you keep the salary figure in mind and design the resume appropriately.
  • Make sure that you organize the stuff on the resume in a particular order. Separate the different kinds of information such as the personal details, contact details, previous employment details, education and skills. This way you will make it easy for the employer to understand and go through your resume
  • It is not a good idea to stuff the resume with thousands of words and leaving no white space on the resume. More words create more confusion and a resume with no or less empty space looks more complicated. Make sure to leave some empty space on the resume.
  • It is very much possible that you have lots of words or jargons to include in the resume but keep in mind that your employer may not aware of the meaning of these words and it can create a problem for you so make sure to use easy and simple language. Where necessary, explain the specific position or previous work details.


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