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Secretary Resumes

Secretary Resume

Download these 19 Free Secretary Resume Samples to study before preparing your own Secretary Resume in MS Word using MS Word. Even if the names or titles are different, it’s the same job and it doesn’t matter if you call them personal assistants or secretaries, they all have to do the

Bookkeeping Clerk Resumes

Download these 20 Free Bookkeeping Clerk Resume Samples in MS Word Format to study before preparing your own Clerk Resume. There are dozens of account related tasks that the senior accounting or bookkeeping staff can’t handle or doesn’t have time to handle. In order to provide assistance to senior staff with

Front Desk Coordinator Resumes

Front Desk Coordinator Resume

Download these 21 Free Front Desk Coordinator Resume Samples in MS Word format to study before preparing your own Resume quickly. Specific duties and responsibilities of a Front Desk Coordinator may vary from one company to another company and one field to another field but the core essence of their job

Office Manager Resumes

Office Manager Resume

Download these 19 Free Office Manager Resume Samples in MS Word format to study before preparing your own Office Manager Resume in your next Job Hunt. Being a manager in any firm means being one of the most responsible persons of that firm and thus it requires great skills to cope

Cashier Resumes

Download these 22 Free Cashier Resume Samples to study before starting to prepare your very own Cashier Resume for you job hunt. Cashier is the person that deals with the checks and cash at places such as restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, grocery stores. We can also find these employees in companies,

Office Administrator Resumes

Office Administrator Resume

Here is a collection of 19 Free Office Administrator Resume Samples that can help anyone in creating their own resume quickly and without spending too much time on professional layout. It is important to understand that an office administrator is just another kind of assistant or the assistant to the office

18 Free Dispatcher Resume Samples

When anyone needs assistance from the government department, he makes call to local police department such as 911 in America and 1122 in Pakistan. The person at the other end of the line who receives the call, talk to the people in trouble and gets them necessary help is the

21 Free Drafter Resume Samples

Drafter Resume

One of the great things about a becoming a Drafter copywriter is the fact that you can become much more flexible in your resume writing than many other professions. You do not constantly have to adhere to the same tips or guidelines as a traditional application. You may even make utilize

19 Free Librarian Resume Samples

Librarian Resume

Next time when you go to a library, take a look around and see if you can find a person standing behind the counter or the reception and assisting the people with their needs and requirements. This is the person who is also known as a librarian. We can also

20 Free Customer Service Supervisor Resume Samples

Customer services are very important for any company, business and organization. This is the only way that the company can assist the customers in more personal way and also with this assistance, it’s more possible to listen to the complaints of the customers and take effective steps to eliminate them.