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Free Army Consultant Resume Samples

Although it is not possible to evaluate the actual salary of an army man but there is one thing for sure that army is the most important department in any country. There are literally hundreds of positions and designations in army and each one of them has its own responsibilities, job duties and earning. We can say that as the rank in army goes up for a personnel, the salary increases and this way we can assume that the highest rank in the army earns more salary that anyone else.

There is another thing in the army that is better than earning good salary and it’s the protocol, benefits and compensations for the employees such as free medical, discount on travelling, free residence and many other things but most of the time, these benefits are only implemented in some of the countries such as Pakistan, India and China where on the other hand, when we talk about army of USA, UK or Canada, they don’t have as much benefits as others except just good salary figures.

Here is preview a free Sample Army Consultant Resume created using MS Word,

Here is download link for this Army Consultant Resume,

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Essential elements in an army resume:

  • Personal information
  • Objectives
  • Education
  • Work related experience
  • Awards and accomplishments
  • Hobbies/favorite activities
  • Job related skills
  • Computer skills
  • Reference for previous employment
  • Community or welfare work

Useful tips for writing an army resume:

  • Make sure that you add the objective in the resume compatible with the army and the specific position for which you are applying for.
  • It will be better if you just forget about the objectives that you wrote for previous civilian jobs and write a fresh one with keeping the job description and responsibilities in mind.
  • You know that the resume is the key element that speaks to the employer before you and it’s the main factor that decides if you are getting an interview or not. This is why it is really important that you create the resume that speaks for the needs and requirements of the employer.
  • Understand that you are applying for a completely different type of job as civilian and military jobs and responsibilities are way different that you think so don’t try to use your other resume skills and help in the army resume.
  • Army is the most civilized organization without any doubt and if you think you can get a job with a rough looking resume or not arranging the stuff in the proper order, you are just kidding yourself and wasting your time to waiting for the interview call.

Common mistakes to avoid in army resume:

  • It is a huge blunder of using the same old resume from another job and not customizing the resume for each and every new job.
  • Read the job description thoroughly and make sure that you understand what the employer wants to see in your resume and always add those factors and elements in the resume.
  • Make sure that you don’t create a resume that is more than one page long especially if it’s for army or military as the employer doesn’t want to read a resume that is as long as an essay.


Here is preview of some other Sample Army Consultant Resume in MS Word Format,

Here is download link for this Army Consultant Resume,

Here is preview of some other Sample Army Consultant Resume in MS Word Format,

Here is download link for this Army Consultant Resume,