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Junior Recruiter Resume

A Junior Recruiter who is also called executive assistant in HR department is an entry level employee in the human resource department who assists senior staff members and managers in day to day tasks especially when it comes to hiring or screening new employees in the company. You can understand the role of a Junior Recruiter by knowing that it’s not right for the head of the HR department to meet with other departments, evaluate how many new employees are needed in the company, prepare and post ads for vacant positions in local newspapers, receiving hundreds of resumes and filter most suitable candidates for interview. They have more serious and high level tasks to handle so junior recruiters are hired for handling these low profile responsibilities.

The key responsibilities of a junior recruiter include; understanding and evaluating need of new employees in various departments, preparing job descriptions for each vacant position, posting job ads in print media, receiving resumes and job applications from candidates and going through the applications and filtering suitable and more eligible candidates for interview. Once the candidates for interviews are selected, the same junior recruiters contact with them, schedule time and date for the interview and prepare them for the meeting.

Important Tips to create Junior Recruiter Resume:

Resume is a professional document, a summary of your personal achievements and a sales pitch that you use to sell yourself in front of the employer. When you start writing a resume, keep the key purpose in mind. You don’t write it to get the job but simply to stand out of the crowd and get a proper interview where you can show your abilities in a better way. This also means that a common or generic resume never suits every employer’s needs and expectations so before sending a resume from an old job application, read the job ad carefully, understand what the employer wants to see in the job application and then write a customized resume specifically for that employer.

Write the resume from the point of view that some junior employee will review it before it reaches to a senior or executive manager which means your key goal is to impress that junior level employee who screens and filters the job applications. Help out the employer or recruiter by sending a resume that looks professional and is easy to read and understand. Use bullet points for skills, abilities, accomplishments and put bold heading on top of each paragraph.

Do’s and Don’ts of Junior Recruiter Resume:

Keep the resume brief and short and don’t make it too long. A good and professional resume should include only 1 page but if you have more to discuss, add an extra page but make sure not to exceed two pages. Only include the information and details that are relevant to the job you are applying for and the details that employers would like to see. This means eliminating anything about your personal life i.e. marital status, kids, hobbies, sexual preferences etc. whether you include your references in the resume or you don’t but don’t put any statement i.e. references will be provided on request.

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Junior Recruiter Resume

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