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Junior Doctor Resume

The role of a Junior Doctor is almost alike to a doctor except the fact that these doctors typically don’t have as much of professional experience in the field as other senior doctors. From meeting with the patients, prescribing various tests, diagnosing the disease or illness, applying procedures, monitoring the condition of the patient and the results of medications and treatments and discussing new diseases and advanced treatment options with senior doctors and physicians, it’s all fall on the shoulders of a junior doctor. Usually a senior doctor is asked for the recommendations when a patient is treated by a junior doctor but this is more of a caution rather than a permanent solution.

Some people might ask that why they are called junior doctors but not the doctors and the reason for that is very simple; they come out freshly from the medical institute which means they don’t have any real life experience of dealing with the patients and understanding new diseases. This can be little tricky or overwhelming for these freshly graduates and to make sure they don’t feel this way, they are asked to assist senior doctors in the beginning of their career where they get to observe the work activities of senior doctors and learn from them.

Important Tips to create Junior Doctor Resume:

Understand the requirements and nature of the job of a Junior Doctor and choose appropriate format for your resume. You can choose from Chronological, Functional or Hybrid format but make sure to use the one that suits your needs. When you choose a specific resume format, follow the guidelines to include separate details including your education credentials, past employment history, experience, skills and expertise, accomplishments and contact information. Make sure that you include separate details in specific columns i.e. don’t talk about your education in the experience section.

Whether you want to discuss your education or past work experience, start with the most recent one. For example, in the education section, start with your most recent degree and go back to graduation diploma and in the same manner, when you include details of your past work, start with the most recent job and add details up to 15 years of experience but not more than that. Use proper and bold headings for separate sections and when you discuss your achievements and accomplishments, use bullet points instead of paragraph which is difficult to understand in a glance.

Do’s and Don’ts of Junior Doctor Resume:

As soon you complete the resume, go through the content once or twice to make sure there are no typos or grammatical and verbal mistakes. Take a deep look at the contact information that you included in the resume and see if you mentioned correct number and email address. If the recruiter has asked for your past employment references in the job ad, you should make room for that in your resume but if he hasn’t, keep them to yourself for the interview.

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Junior Doctor Resume

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