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Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse Resume

The patients or people who are in a serious condition are admitted to Intensive Care Unit or ICU in the hospital where they are kept until their condition is stable and then they are moved to a private room or the ward. Along with doctors and experienced physicians who work in the ICU, nurses are presented in the room as well to assist the doctors. The responsibilities of an ICU nurse include; preparing the operation room for the procedure, informing the on call doctors about the procedure, assisting the medical staff in the OR, helping the doctors with instruments and operation equipment during the operation, helping the patient discharge from the ICU and move to the general ward along with availing medicines on time for the procedure.

Important tips to create Intensive Care Unit Nurse Resume:

Affiliations are one of the most important elements that every employer wants to know before interviewing any candidate for ICU Nurse job and if you have affiliated with a well-known group in the past, you should mention the details on the resume including the name of the affiliation group, the date when you joined, duration that you spent there and the reasons for choosing that particular group among many others. It’s not only for the job of ICU nurse but when you apply for any job in the healthcare field, your reputation and credentials are everything along with the recommendations you have from your former employers. If you have any achievements from your past jobs, mention them on the resume.

Unlike any other field where you only need to mention the degree you have, when you apply in nursing career, employers want to know details of your education including the name of the institute, year of joining, duration, completion date and the grade you got like; A or B or C. These are the details that you need to make room for on the resume in order to get call back for an interview. There should be a separate section on the resume where you discuss details of your license and additional certificates that you earned during your education or practice. Another most important thing to remember while writing the resume for ICU nurse is that unlike most of other jobs, time is a big concern of yours and the employer who will hire you and when you don’t have any preference or if you are willing to work at nights as well, you should mention this fact in the resume.

Do’s and Don’ts of Intensive Care Unit Nurse Resume:

Sending a generic resume is not very professional which means when you want to apply for a new job, you should craft the resume according to the requirements and needs of the employer and specifications of the job you are going after. This also includes sending a resume without proper headings. Keep in mind that when you divide your resume in separate sections and put bold heading for each part of the resume, you make it very easy for the employer to understand and go through it without looking for particular elements.

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Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse Resume

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