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Firefighter Resume Sample

Unlike a few decades back when people weren’t used to use as much electrical equipment and home appliances as now, fire incidents were very rare. There were only a couple of fire departments and they usually used to sit around and wait for something to happen. But now that most of the population around the world has to big cities and crowded places are seeing a new skyscraper every day, the use of electric and home appliances is also increased. From waking up with an electric alarm clock to making coffee with the coffee maker and heating the leftover chicken in the microwave, we use hundreds of home appliances on regular basis.

With this being said, you can also understand that now the risks of fire incidents are also very high. In order to make sure that citizens are helped with professional help and assisted in the best way in case of any incident, fire fighting departments are established. Professional firefighters work in these departments who have the training, experience and skills to deal with any kind of fire incident either residential or industrial. These are the professionals who understand how to control a fire, enter in a burning building and rescue people trapped inside a burning room with no safe exits. Along with responding to emergency situations, these firefighters also visit local schools and colleges and create awareness of health and safety standards among the young community. They also attend seminars and lectures where they train and teach adults and old people about how to handle an emergency situation and how to save them and other people around a fire.

Important Tips to create Firefighter Resume:

You might think a generic resume will work for you and you can save a lot of time by sending the same resume for each job application but that’s not a good idea. It might have worked for someone you know but there is no guaranty that it will also work for you. The key to success at the first step of new job is to send a customized and relevant looking resume that fulfills what the employer wants to see in the applicant. Before writing the resume, prepare for it by researching a little on the company in which you are going to apply so you have some understanding of their problems and biggest concerns. When you know this information, you can talk about it in the resume.

People who don’t know how to present information on the resume make the mistake of making their job application too long and including all of their work history. This is not a good practice and you should only talk about the jobs that are relevant to Firefighter’s position and by starting with your most recent job, go back and discuss your previous works up to 2-3 jobs. You should never lie or brag about your skills and work experience. Include the information that is true and even if you don’t have good past experience, it’s not important what you tell but how you tell is more important.

Do’s and Don’ts of Firefighter Resume:

Everyone knows that when you apply for a job, you expect to be paid good and it’s obvious that no one would like to work free so there is no need to seem greedy in the resume by talking about your expectation about the salary. You will have the chance to talk about the money in the interview but don’t turn off the employer with this kind of childish details in the resume. If an employer wants to see the references in the first place, he will ask for them in the job advertisement and if you didn’t read anything about this requirement, don’t add your references in the resume or eliminate a statement i.e. references will be provided later.

Here is a Free Firfighter Resume Sample created using MS Word,

Firefighter Resume

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