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Fire Safety Officer Resume

Actual duties and responsibilities of a Fire Safety Officer might differ in separate situations but their key job is to make sure that the people they are responsible for work and live in a healthy and safe environment. When these safety officers are hired in companies, organizations and industrial plants, they are responsible for ensuring the safety of employees and workers around the plant where on the other hand, when the same safety officers are hired by building managers and landlords, their key responsibility is to check the building and ensure there are no risks that could lead to short circuit or fire in the building.

Besides working for companies, industrial plants, commercial and residential buildings, these Fire Safety officers are also hired by government agencies and citizen safety departments. They are asked to visit and check specific buildings are random hours and inspect the safety and health codes in there. If they see any violation or a potential risk for fire in a building, they have the power and obligation to shut down the building, ask the people in the building to leave and file a case against the owner or manager and keep the building shut until certain health and safety parameters are met.

Skills required to mention in Fire Safety Officer Resume:

Depending on the responsibilities, duties and field of work of these officers, the skills and expertise they need for the job may vary. For example, as a building fire safety officer, you will need to understand the basic standards of electric wiring and insulation of electric circuits where on the other hand, when you work in a manufacturing plant or commercial building, you need to have the knowledge of safety regulations in workspace and local government laws about employee safety and health. Besides that, as a fire safety officer, you also need to have good organizational skills, the ability to work under stress, excellent judgment and initiation skills, critical thinking skills and instant decision making skills.

Important tips to create Fire Safety Officer Resume:

It’s important that you include your skills, expertise and abilities in the resume but by using only these words, you shouldn’t expect too much from the employer. You should back up your skills and abilities and explain how they worked for you in the past and how you are going to use them in employer’s favor at the next job. Employers don’t want to see or read anything that sounds negative even from the point of view of the applicant. This includes the statements i.e. what I hated about my last job or the things I didn’t like about my former employers.

When you include the title of your previous jobs in the resume, the employer can get pretty good idea about what you did and what your responsibilities where so you don’t need to add a big list of your duties and responsibilities. Instead, talk about your achievements and accomplishments on former jobs and the appreciation you received from your former employers. Numbers and figures are your best friend and you should try to include more figures and facts and fewer words and long boring sentences in the resume.

Do’s and Don’ts of Fire Safety Officer Resume:

Jargons can be tricky when used in resumes and you should try to eliminate as much of these industry specific words as possible. If it’s crucial to use such words in the resume, use as few as possible. Many people make the mistake of including the reasons of leaving their last job in the resume but it’s not what employers expect to see in the job application and you should skip this part. Only include the hobbies and activities that are somehow relevant to the job of Fire Safety Officer and eliminate the other irrelevant stuff.

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Fire Safety Officer Resume

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