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Field Investigator Resume

A Field Investigator or Private Detective is a professional who helps companies, law enforcement agencies and individuals in finding particular information that they are seeking for. Depending on the situation and circumstances, the job responsibilities and duties vary along with the work activities and hours spent on the job. Typically these investigators work as freelance which means they don’t work for a single employer but run their own detective agencies or offices. They meet with individual clients and companies in their offices; understand why they want to hire a private detective, what the nature of the work is and how many hours and amount of effort they will need to spend on the job including desk work and field work. In the same way, the income of these Field Investigators also differs from job to job and assignment to assignment.

Skills Required to mention in Field Investigator Resume:

The key responsibility or duty of a Field Investigator is to investigate and find out hidden factors or secrets to a situation so the key skill these investigators need to have is the curiosity and the ability to judge people and situations like no one else can. The reason that agencies like FBI or CIA have excellent success rates is because the detectives in these agencies are trained to catch lies and read body language to evaluate what he is thinking and how he is going to react in a situation. Along with that, field investigators must have good management and organizational skills, critical thinking ability, being able to work long hours and work good under stress and pressure and the ability of not missing even small or unnoticeable things about a person or situation. Additionally, these Field Investigators must have excellent memory, good grip on local laws and government rules, good initiation powers, being able to work under strict guidelines, active listening and multitasking.

Important Tips to create Field Investigator Resume:

While talking about your previous jobs and employment, keep in mind that when you include the title of your job and the name of the company, it’s enough for the employer and there is no need to add the responsibilities and duties of each job. If you have worked in a law enforcement agency before, just add the title of the job and skip the long list of responsibilities. Bullet points are easy to read and the reader can understand the points quicker than a long boring paragraph so you should use more bullet points especially when discussing your skills, abilities, achievements and accomplishments.

For some employers, it’s not important to read where the applicant sees himself in five or ten years but for most of them, it’s very important and vital to understand the future planning and goals of the applicants. In the resume, you should include a small part of what you want to achieve in the future and where you see yourself in a few years. After completing the resume, make sure to proofread it and it would be better if you ask someone else to take a look at it and see if there are any mistakes or typos.

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Field Investigator Resume

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