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Claim Examiner Resume

Next time you claim something after a medical emergency or accident, keep in mind that it’s not like you claimed a certain amount and the insurer just paid it to you. If you had to wait for weeks or even a month before seeing that big check from your insurer, the key reason for that delay is the work of claim examiner. These are the professionals hired by insurance companies and banks and the key responsibility of these experts is to make sure no one rips off the insurer or enters a wrong claim. In simple words, these claim examiners make sure their insurer doesn’t need to pay more than he should to a claimer.

Duties of typical claim examiner include; reading and understand every claim made by insurance holder, understanding any flaws or potential mistakes in the claim, working close with the insurer to understand his rights and obligations, meeting with the claimer and getting to know his side of the story, carefully examining the situation and reaching on a verdict and making sure insurer only pays what he owes to the claimer and the claimer only gets what he rightfully deserves.

Skills Required to Mention in Claim Examiner’s Resume:

Although the most important skill for a claim examiner to have is the knowledge and understanding of local government laws and how insurance works but besides these obvious elements, a claim examiner needs to have excellent decision making and judgment abilities. It might sound something else, but the job of a claim examiner is to find out if the claimer is right and insurer has to pay for the claim and without good judgement skills, there’s nothing much that you can do. Good people and communication skills are also important for this job because you will work with lots of different people on regular basis. Other important skills for claim examiner’s job include; active listening, time and resource management skills, being polite with people, watching small details, understanding and remembering stuff, monitoring and working on specific guidelines.

Important Tips to create Claim Examiner’s Resume:

Before starting to write the resume for claims examiner’s job, you need to understand that this is not very fancy job that you can admire which means you need to keep the resume simple and concise. The employer won’t be interested in your resume if it’s too long or boring so keep it short and only include what’s really important and necessary for him to know. Understand that you need to fit your resume on one page and then craft the content. A simple resume is easy to read and understand so you should use a simple and professional looking font. It is better to use a specific outlook for your resume and craft the content accordingly. For a claim examiner job, you can either use functional or chronological resume but if you don’t have much of past experience, you can also use bi-functional resume format.

Do’s and Don’ts of Claim Examiner Resume:

It’s not that you can use different fonts and colors for an actor’s job or creative artists’ position but most of the time, it’s important or necessary to keep the resume simple especially when it comes to a job like claim examiner. Don’t use fonts smaller than 10pts. If the employer asked for references in the job advertisement, include them in your resume otherwise, keep them aside for your interview. Relevant slogans or jargons won’t make you look smart but they might work against you when it comes to presenting yourself in front of a potential employer in insurance industry.

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Claim Examiner Resume

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