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Art Director Resume

Art Directors play a very important role in presenting or conveying a specific message from clients or companies to customers and general public. These are highly professional and very creative people who understand how to attract people and what’s the best way to convey a message to create brand awareness. Art Directors work in multiple fields of brand advertisement including television commercials, print media advertisement and bill board or pamphlet marketing. They listen to the client, understand his requirements and features of the product or service and present it in a unique way to public.

The job of an Art Director starts with meeting the client with other team members and understanding what he is selling or wants to sell to people. They get to know the thoughts and ideas of the client about how he wants to convey the message to potential customers and by working on these specific guidelines, they create visual presentations i.e. charts, boards and video tutorials to demonstrate the features of a product or service.

Skills required to mention in Art Director’s Resume:

Obviously, the most important and key skill for Art directors to show or convey on their resumes is creativity. This job only works when the employee is creative and can think of unique ways to portray something. Other essential skills for Art Director include; good understanding of Photography, printing techniques, excellent people and communication skills, being a good leader and role model for other team members, good knowledge of computer programs relevant to designing, having good management and organizational skills and good understanding of small details. Working on small or specific budgets is also a very important part of Art Director’s job.

Important tips to create Art Director’s Resume:

MS Word might not be the best friend of yours when you want to create a resume for Art Director. It is a very powerful tool but when it comes to a creative job like this, Word has limitations and by using it, you might not look creative and idealistic to employers. PDF is a very smart and good choice to create art director resume. There are software programs available both free and paid i.e. Illustrator or Indesign. These programs can be very helpful for retouching or redoing the outlook and design of your resume. It would be better to meet with employers and companies directly but if you use a job agency, make sure to tell them not to change anything on your resume.

As an Art Professional, you can understand that you often look for small things and little details which means when you present yourself on a resume, you also need to be brief and eliminate irrelevant or less important stuff. If it’s possible, include some pieces of your previous assignments because this is how you show them the way you work or deal with projects. Keep in mind that with your resume, you just want the employer to take good interest in you and your work and visit your online portfolio where he can take a look at your previous assignments and projects so you should keep the resume precise and make sure not to use more than 1 page.

Do’s and Don’ts of Art Director Resume:

You will have better chances of landing on a job when you speak truth about your abilities and past work. Nothing good can come by speaking lie on your resume and there are stronger chances your lies will get caught. Unless you are creating an online resume, there is no need to include photos or images in the resume. There is no need to use colors or different fonts in the resume because the simpler you keep it, the more attractive it will look.

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Art Director Resume

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