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Certified Ethical Hacker Resume

Hacking in general is the way a computer user hews the information from another computer without permission. It is an unethical process and can be misused to harm someone. However, a certified ethical hacker is a person who has been educated about hacking and helps organizations through his skills. He gets proper, in fact very prestigious jobs in those organizations. In order to attain that respectable post, the first step is to prepare an impressive résumé!

Let’s see how to prepare a Good Resume.

Mention your basic details such as complete name, contact information, gender, age, religion and nationality. Make sure you are adding the right information instead of a phone number which is no longer in use or an address you no longer use. Next, write a paragraph about your career objectives, i.e. what you aspire to become in your professional life. After reading this paragraph, the reader should become clear about your aims and intentions with respect to career.

The next step is to state about your skills and qualifications. Mention any awards or appreciations you received in your career, any exceptional skills you possess or any expertise you have power over. Then, make a separate section regarding your experience. Here, you will cite about any past jobs or internships you have done and your achievements during that period. Mention the post and name of organization where you worked.

Then, tabulate your education. Tell about your schooling, college and further studies along with the names of institutions where you studied from. It is most important to state where you studied and practiced certified ethical hacking from. For a résumé in general, always begin with the most recent information first.

At the end, write the name of a person you want to add as reference so that the prospective employer can collect information about your skills and reputation from a dependable source. You can add more than one person too. It is well expected of a certified ethical hacker to take care of some basic ethics such as asking permission from those persons before mentioning their names and details.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Certified Ethical Hacker Resume created using MS Word,

Certified Ethical Hacker Resume

Here is download link for this Certified Ethical Hacker Resume,

Download Certified Ethical Hacker Resume

Having completed preparing your résumé, ask an experienced person to check it for you. This person does not have to be an expert at proof reading résumés, he just needs to be a professional with good understanding about jobs and selections. Consider yourself lucky if he points out any mistakes or improvements in your CV!

Some of the common mistakes people make while making their CVs is to make them lengthy by adding unnecessary details, making them fancy, adding redundant information, using complex language and incorrect spellings and grammar. Also, be careful about getting a good print. Spilled ink or a bad Xerox put a very bad impression on the reader. Your résumé should not only tell about your skills and education but also about how serious you are about getting the job.

Lastly, do not cross the limits of integrity. Be honest. Never exaggerate your qualities or add false information for getting the job. Just be plain and clear – cut.