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Athletic Trainer Resume

A résumé or CV (Curriculum Vitae) is basically used for ‘advertising’ yourself for s specific job. As it is to be used for professional purposes, one must make one’s CV as professional as possible – look wise as well as information wise. More particularly, it should not be very fancy or colorful neither should it contain excessive details. Also, make sure that your résumé is not very long. It is supposed to introduce a person at a glance. Unnecessarily long CV’s annoy the reader.

Considering making a résumé for an athletic trainer in particular, it is most important to include his experience and its details. The importance of other information such as name, age, contact number or address etc remains noteworthy. Let’s see below how to make an impressive athletic trainer résumé exactly.

Provide your name and contact information clearly. Make sure that the contact information you write is correct. Do not make the mistake of giving an old phone number, wrong postal address or an e – mail ID which is no more in your use. How can somebody be so careless about his own self!

Include your professional objective. It should underline your aims in that profession.

Mention all the achievements you have had in your career until now. Any certificates, medals, shields or appreciation in any form that you have received and is related to the vacancy you are applying for must be mentioned very noticeably.

The achievements of an athletic trainer may include individualized training programs, arranging a challenging regime or teaching a particular technique, organizing fitness and health related sessions or training for use of equipment and safety measures etc.

Perhaps the most important part of your résumé is the experience. Mention details of any jobs you have done before, such as name of the organization where you worked, your designation over there, number of years you have spent there and whatever achievements you gained. The most recent should be listed first. Mention the years, e.g. 2008 – 2012.

The importance of education and degrees can never be ignored. Apart from being expert in a field, the certificates you have cleared regarding the related subjects is extremely significant. Mention your schooling, college, university or any courses you have done in order, i.e. the most recent first. Like experience, do mention the years. It is best to mention such information in tabulated form.

Furthermore, you should state about any honors received which would include any national or international competitions won, any specific exams as a result of which you were awarded or if you are a part of some non – profit organization etc.

Lastly, add references. References are included so as to let the prospective employer get information about your work or reputation from people whom you have already worked with. So, you might add your past employer or a member of the NPO where you work or are a member as your reference. Mentioning their names is not enough of course; you must mention their contact information like phone numbers or email ID’s. Ethically, first ask permission from the person whose name and contact information you will mention.

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Athletic Trainer Resume

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