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Personal Trainer Resume

If you think you are getting fat and you need to control your weight or you just want to develop a better body and shape your muscles, you need training from fitness professionals. You can find these professionals or fitness trainers in local gyms and fitness centers but keep in mind that if you go in those gyms, you will need to work in a group where the trainer will coordinate with each member and it won’t be possible for him to concentrate only on you. In order to get more consideration from the trainer, you need to hire a personal fitness trainer. This way you can get the full attention from him.

Job responsibilities of a personal trainer:

  • Meeting with clients and getting to know them better
  • Understanding the needs and requirements of each individual client
  • Understanding what each client needs and what’s the best way to achieve that
  • Creating fitness programs and training sessions for the clients
  • Creating customized training sessions for specific clients who want something different
  • Keep the client motivated about his progress the entire time of training
  • Advising the clients for better results even after the training ends

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Personal Trainer Resume

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Salary of a personal trainer:

We can say that usually these personal trainers earn something in between $30000-$40000 per year but it is quite obvious that most of the time, these trainers are hired on hourly basis. Unless there is an exception or the trainer is hired for a group of people, usually people prefer to pay these trainers by hour. The reason for that is because they only workout for 2-3 hours in 3-4 days per week and when the training is that simple, it’s not ideal to pay the trainer for the full week. Usually these trainers earn around $15 per hour.

Required skills for personal trainer job:

  • Living a healthy lifestyle
  • Experience in the fitness programs
  • Education or certificates from fitness schools
  • Good expertise of dealing with people
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Being very patient with the clients
  • Consistency with the clients and their performance
  • Analysis of each specific problem
  • Ability to develop a customized training plan for each client

Useful tips for creating a personal trainer resume:

  • Before you send the resume to the employer, it is necessary that you research on the company and its operations in the market. You also need to analyze the policies and problems or issues that company is currently facing. This way in the resume, you can include the skills you have that will help the employer to solve those problems and increase the performance of the company.
  • Usually when you apply for a job, nobody cares about how old you are unless the position is only for a specific group of people i.e. from 20-25 or 25-30 etc. This is kind of illegal to reject the applicants just because of their age but many employers still do this. This is why unless you are specifically asked to, never mention your age in the resume.
  • In order to keep the resume to only one page, you need to choose the most important jobs you have done in the past and only include them in the resume. There is no need to enlist all of your jobs but you should only discuss the important jobs that you have done in the past 10 years.