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Librarian Resume

Next time when you go to a library, take a look around and see if you can find a person standing behind the counter or the reception and assisting the people with their needs and requirements. This is the person who is also known as a librarian. We can also say that a librarian is kind of a parent of the library, who takes care of the books, arrange them, maintain them, secure them, make sure that nothing bad happens to them and protecting other elements about the written material such as books, journals, digests, newspapers, magazines and research thesis.

Job responsibilities and duties of librarian:

  • Researching on regular basis in order to keep up to date with the new releases of the written material in market
  • Filling the paper work on behalf of the library to order new written material such as books and digests
  • Managing the budget of the library
  • Arranging the books in the perfect order
  • Maintaining the books and repairing if anything bad happens to the books
  • Issuing the books to the people and keeping their records
  • Receiving the books back from them and enter then in the shelves

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Librarian Resume

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Salary of librarian:

It is so ironic that the person who is in charge of the biggest treasure in the world (the books) doesn’t get to paid that much if we compare the salary with the job responsibilities and duties. This is the reason that most of the time, we only see retired people on this job who don’t want to do any other complicated job or they don’t have the time for a stressful job. On the other hand, due to flexible hours and simple responsibilities, we also see many of the students as librarians as this doesn’t affect their studies but still pay them enough to survive. Usually a librarian earns around $45000 per year but most of the time, librarians are hired on hourly basis with around $8 to $10 per hour.

Essential elements in a librarian resume:

  • Personal information
  • Objectives
  • Education
  • Work related experience
  • Awards and accomplishments
  • Hobbies/favorite activities
  • Job related skills
  • Computer skills
  • Reference for previous employment
  • Community or welfare work

Common mistakes to avoid in librarian resume:

  • You may think that a part time job that you did to earn more money is not worth mentioning but employers love to read this kind of stuff because there are certain skills that you learn on this kind of jobs such as communication, group work, time management and work ethics. Always mention this kind of skills in the resume.
  • Make sure that your resume is not filled with words from side to side as this can be a little hard on the eyes and it’s important that there are some empty space on the resume as this makes it attractive looking and peaceful rather than messy.
  • Always make sure that the contact information you put on the resume is correct as it’s possible to make small mistakes in the phone number, email or mail addresses.
  • Always proofread the resume more than twice or better ask someone else to read it for you because it is possible that there are some mistakes that you won’t notice but others will.