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Cashier Resume

Cashier is the person who deals with the checks and cash at places such as restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, grocery stores and we can also find these employees in companies, businesses and organizations. Cashier is the employee who has good knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping and he is the one who works in the team for keeping record of cash inflow and outflow.

Job Responsibilities of Cashier:

  • The key duty or responsibility of cashier is to meet with the customers with etiquettes
  • Organizing and handling the cash transaction in the organization or business
  • Receiving payments by check, cash and credit cards
  • Organizing the cash accounts on daily basis
  • Assisting customers and providing them help with cash related problems
  • Solving the issues in the cash flow of the company
  • Keeping checks and other receipts in permanent record

Salary of a Cashier:

It is quite ironic that cashier deal most of the time with the money and cash but they don’t make that much of salary on the job. Usually a cashier earns around $20000 per year but most cashiers work on hourly basis where they earn around $14 per hour.

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Required skills for Cashier Job:

  • Cash management
  • Accuracy
  • Good with numbers
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent customer assistance skills
  • Being efficient
  • Time management skills
  • Good knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping

Useful Tips for Creating Cashier Resume:

  • There is no need to add any personal information such as the marital status or bank accounts as this will only make your resume look messy and it is no good for the employer’s consideration.
  • The key purpose of this resume is to get you an interview not the actual job. Once you get interview call, now it’s time for you to show your charm and until then, keep in mind that resume is the first thing that meets with the employer before you so make it concise and keep it short.
  • Objective is the most important part of the resume as this decides if the employer wants to read your resume or not. Make sure to write a unique and job description related objective and avoid using readymade or usual types of statements in the objective and create something new.
  • Always make sure that even if there are many days in the deadline to send the resume, you complete your work early and send the resume as soon as possible. This will give the employer more time to go through your resume thoroughly before dozens of other resumes arrive a day before the deadline.
  • If you are asked to send the resume via email, make sure that you attach all the required files in the email and also don’t forget to put the subject as an email without subject usually looks like spam.
  • It is very important that you create separate sections in the resume and include different kind of information in each individual section i.e. contact information section, previous employment section, education section and special skills and expertise section.