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21 Free Bartender Resume Samples

Bartender Resume

A bartender is the person behind the counter at a club or cocktail party and he is the one who is responsible to make drinks for the customers or guests. Usually employers hire the bartenders who are good looking and have excellent knowledge of alcohol and drinks. Job Responsibilities of Bartender:

20 Free Bartender Resume Samples

Bartender Resume

Bartending is the art of attending customers, taking orders, mixing drinks and taking care of bar stock, sometimes all at once. There are many kinds of establishments where bartenders are required. There are small bars in shady towns with rough crowds to cater to, and then there are high-end restaurants

18 Free Supply Manager Resume Samples

Supply Manager Resume

A supply manager is a qualified person who is responsible for looking after the process of searching and securing the materials required in order to keep a business functioning in a befitting manner.The manager is duty bound to select the best venders, set guidelines for ordering and distribution of materials

19 Free Chef Resume Samples

Next time when you eat in a restaurant, think of a person who is born to cook and he knows how to cook, prepare and present the food in front of the customers. This is the person who is known as the chef and it’s the one that you see

20 Free Restaurant Manager Resume Samples

Restaurant Manager Resume

In order to write your resume for the job of restaurant manager, the most important point is competing with other candidates not only for position, but also with other important things like flyers, advertisements and promotional matters of your competitors. It is therefore essential to learn the strategy to beat