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17 Free Junior Underwriter Resume Samples

Junior Underwriter Resume

Junior underwriters who are also known as the executive assistants in banking and insurance sector are responsible for handling more of day to day tasks and low profile responsibilities. As an individual you may think that when you apply for insurance either personal or commercial, insurance companies will accept your

19 Free Junior Recruiter Resume Sample

Junior Recruiter Resume

A Junior Recruiter who is also called executive assistant in HR department is an entry level employee in the human resource department who assists senior staff members and managers in day to day tasks especially when it comes to hiring or screening new employees in the company. You can understand

19 Free Junior Doctor Resume Samples

Junior Doctor Resume

The role of a Junior Doctor is almost alike to a doctor except the fact that these doctors typically don’t have as much of professional experience in the field as other senior doctors. From meeting with the patients, prescribing various tests, diagnosing the disease or illness, applying procedures, monitoring the