Project Manager Resumes

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Corporate world is changing every day and companies and organizations are becoming more professional with time. With the ever increasing competition in the market, companies find advanced techniques and tools to increase profit, decrease losses and keep liabilities to minimum. One of these techniques is to hire project managers. These professionals work closely with the clients, understand their needs and requirements and then make plans to execute a project successfully. Some of their key responsibilities include; understanding the project and its scope, creating a dynamic team to execute all aspects of the project, defining milestones, assigning responsibilities to each team member, supervising their performance, preparing project status reports to ensure higher management and client that execution is on schedule and last but not least; ensuring the project is completed within set budget.

Career Objective for Project Manager Job:

Job of a project manager is very important in any organization. These are the professionals who not only get the true essence of what a client wants but they have the capabilities to lead a team of up to 20 employees. It’s not hard to understand how crucial it is for the organization to hire the perfect candidate for this position. People with good experience and excellent educational career apply for these jobs. In order to make sure your resume is given proper consideration, adding a career objective statement is essential. This statement not only tells the employer about how passionate you are to work as project manager but it also gives them the details to evaluate your capabilities and expertise. Take a look at some examples of objective statements given below.

  1. Looking for the position of senior project manager at ABC organization where I can apply my excellent management skills, problem solving and critical thinking capabilities and communication skills.
  2. A highly energetic and experienced individual is looking for the position of project manager at ABC Company to lead the team members towards successful execution of the project and work towards betterment of the organization with total client satisfaction.
  3. A successful freelance with 5 years of experience is looking to join ABC Bank as project manager where I can utilize the skills I earned from my past experience and apply great supervision and motivation tactics.

Education Required for Project Manager:

With the growing need of project managers in all sorts of industries and organizations, educational institutes i.e. colleges and universities are offering specially designed courses and diplomas i.e. project management. You can find these degrees in almost all top ranking colleges. The minimum requirement for a project manager is to have at least Bachelors Degree in business management but preference is given to the candidates with post graduation diploma in business administration, management or specifically project management. There are multiple institutes that also allow their students to take short term courses in project management that span up to 6 months or 1 year and having proper training of managing a project in such course can drastically increase your chances of getting the job in a high level organization.

Required Experience for Project Manager:

Education can help you a lot in understanding how stuff works but it’s the practical that actually prepares you for field work and handling job responsibilities and duties. It’s a common practice of employers that if they have to choose between a highly educated individual with no experience and an applicant with basic education but good experience, they would choose the 2nd applicant. This fact explains the inevitable importance of good experience with proper education. This experience can be of two kinds; actual on-job experience and technical training that prepare you for the situations involved in project execution. Most common requirement for a project manager in a good company is to have at least 4-5 years of experience in handling various types of projects

Key Skills Essential for Project Manager:

Being a project manager is a full time job and even if you are not at work, you still need to manage your work after office hours. For a project manager, being patient and have calm personality is a must-have capability if he wants to achieve expected results from the team members. Being able to manage a large group of employees, allocating each member to the task that he is capable of doing and managing their conflicts and issues require excellent management and leadership skills. Critical thinking, multitasking, being able to make quick and right decisions and excellent observation ability are some of the key skills that a project manager should possess.

Professional References for Project Manager:

If you are applying for the position of a project manager, it means you have good experience of this position. Having the experience means you have worked at least with 2-3 employers and if your performance was excellent, they may be of good use even if you left their company. You can give their names as professional references in the job application. These are the people who have either worked with you or observed your performance in the past. The key to success is to only include the names of people who will definitely talk you up in front of the future employer.