Office Coordinator Resumes

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An office coordinator is sort of administrative assistant who provides support for the efficient work flow in the organization. Some people misunderstand the concept of a secretary and office coordinator and consider them same but in reality, there are many differences. A secretary is usually responsible to handle work of his or her immediate superior i.e. marketing executive or CEO while the office coordinator is responsible for the entire office including multiple departments. A secretary is responsible for managing his and his boss’s work and office space but an office coordinator is responsible for the environment of entire office with creating innovative methods and techniques to increase employees’ efficiency.

Career Objective for Office Coordinator:

A career objective statement is the highlight of a resume. It gives a quick idea to the employer about how motivated you are, how exciting and eager you are to get the new job and how you are going to benefit the company if the employer decides to hire you. Although all these qualities or elements are discussed briefly in the resume but employers usually don’t have time to go through entire resume so they mostly look for the career objective part. If this statement interests them, they decide to spend more time on the resume rather than moving to the next applicant. Here are couples of examples of career objective statements.

  1. An experienced executive coordinator is looking for a new challenge with the office coordinator job at ABC Company where I will be allowed career growth with delivering my full potential and capabilities.
  2. Seeking the position of entry-level office coordinator job with 6 months of internship at ABC law firm and acquired graduation degree with proficiency in computer programs and administrative filing system.
  3. Highly accomplished individual is searching for the job of office coordinator in ABC Company to advance my career and utilize strong administrative skills, excellent management skills and multitasking.

Education Required for Office Coordinator:

In a way you can say that an office coordinator is a secretary or assistant who helps staff members in their work activities. Where an assistant or secretary is responsible for the work of their boss, an office coordinator might need to help multiple employees in more than one department. A degree such as bachelors in business administration is something that will help you on this job. But it’s highly unlikely that a business graduate would go for this job rather than becoming marketing manager or supervisor so employees look for high school graduates with previous experience in relevant field.

Required Experience for Office Coordinator:

Companies that hire office coordinators don’t specify the education that the applicant should have but they do mention the required experience i.e. 3 years or 5 years in some cases. It all depends on each organization and work load that how much experience should the coordinator must have to perform all responsibilities without hesitation. If you have 2-3 years of experience as an office coordinator, it means you know how to handle files, answer and transfer phone calls, greet visitors and setting up conference rooms for meetings and video conferences. You also need to have good knowledge of common office equipment i.e. photocopier, scanner, internet switch or router so every time there is a small error, you don’t need to call an IT expert to solve the problem but you can troubleshoot it yourself.

Key Skills Essential for Office Coordinator:

Office coordinators work around the clock with different employees and staff members. This requires patience and consistency. You should also be able to work under stress and follow strict instructions during office hours. Good communication and people skills are important for this job so you know how to handle different people and their issues. This job is all about administration and management so these are the skills that employers look for in the applicants. Multitasking, good typing speed and working under pressure are some of the skills that an office coordinator must have.

Professional References for Office Coordinator:

Your resume will tell the hiring manager all about your experience and education but there is no way for him to verify these details unless he hires you and observes your performance on the job. Sadly that is not the option in most cases because no employer has time to hire employees just to verify they have required skills. Good news is that your professional references can help the employer decide if you are the perfect candidate for this position. These references are the people who somehow relate to your past experience i.e. former employer, supervisor, coworkers or friends from office.