Office Administrator Resumes

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An office administrator is a professional who helps a company or organization run smoothly. Usually people overlap the idea of office manager and office administrator and assume they have the same responsibilities but in reality, they perform completely different tasks. An office manager is responsible for leading the employees towards better performance and excellence in the company by providing them all the tools and effective environment to work with. On the other hand, an office administrator has the responsibility to implement new processes and techniques for increasing efficiency and overcome any problems that the employees might encounter. From making sure that the office environment is employee friendly and in compliance with the code of ethics and company regulations.

Career objective for Office Administrator Job:

A career objective statement is something that an employer has no use for. They look for education, experience and references that the applicant possesses but still a good written objective statement allows the employer to make his mind if your resume should be given further consideration. Take a look at some examples of career objective below.

  1. Excellent critical thinker, great problem solver and highly enthusiast individual is looking for the job of office administrator at ABC organization where I can bring my hard earned experience and provide a better work environment to company employees.
  2. An experienced office administrator with more than 5 years of experience and excellent management and organizational skills is searching for the position of office administrator. I will be bringing my knowledge of office management and problem solving tactics with multitasking skills to the job.
  3. A business administration graduate with 3 years of experience is searching for the challenging job of an office administrator at ABC Company. With excellent management skills, being great people person combined with the past experience are some of the elements I will be bringing to the organization.

Education Required for Office Administrator Job:

The basic level of education required for the job of an office administrator is high school diploma while some companies prefer hiring associate graduates or the ones with professional degrees i.e. business administration. If you have a high school degree, you can increase your chances of employment by taking short courses at a technical institute where they teach you about organizational filing system, compliance rules and regulations and how to manage data base and file record systems. An individual who has graduation degree in business administration might need to have some extra courses as well i.e. basic computer training, knowledge of spreadsheets and data entry understanding.

Required Experience for Office Administrator:

Job of office administrator is very tough especially when you think of the key responsibility is to providing compliant environment to every department and all the employees working in the company. As the administrator, you would require to follow company ethics and regulations while making sure that employees are satisfied with their work atmosphere at the same time. Experience is what matters here the most because dealing with tough situations on daily basis can make you exhausted and overwhelmed. Employers who hire office administrators look for individuals with at least 2-3 years of experience in a similar organization so the newly hired employees don’t need to spend first 5-6 months learning about the organization and its rules and regulations.

Key Skills Essential for Office Administrator:

It’s not uncommon that office administrators perform their responsibilities for more than one employee in different departments at once which means they need to have the skills of multitasking and management when it comes to prioritizing tasks and solving problems. These professionals also need strong communication skills to effectively execute projects and delegate new policies to various employees and departments within the company. As computers and software programs are becoming an essential part for any organization, these office administrators should have vast knowledge of commonly used programs. Flexibility is something that is underrated most of the time but it is an important skill to have. If you don’t know how to negotiate or you have a push-over personality, maybe being an office administrator is not the right job for you.

Professional References for Office Administrator:

Now that you have completed your resume with education, certificates, past experience and the objective statements, the only thing left is the addition of professional references. When you are certain that your former employer was happy with your performance, adding his name to the reference list would give you extra edge over the other applicants. Including names of your coworkers who can vouch for you and give good recommendation is also an excellent choice. No employer would want you to enlist more than 2-3 references so the resume shouldn’t include a long list of contacts but 2-3 persons’ contact information is more than enough.