Nurse Resumes

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Nursing staff provide different services to the patients depending on area of specialization and work atmosphere. Not only that these nurses help patients when they are admitted in the hospital but they also provide assistance to other medical staff members including doctors, surgeons, therapists, physical trainers and even dentists. In simple words, a nurse is a professional who understands how to take care of a patient. Not only that these nurses can be found in hospitals but you also see them in private clinics, homes where they take care of patients and even jails where they assist doctors to take care of inmates. From giving medicine and food to the patients to checking their vitals i.e. blood pressure and heart rate to preparing charts for senior doctors and visiting surgeons, there are lots of responsibilities on the shoulders of nurses and that’s why this field of work is expected to grow up to 15% in the coming 2-3 years.

Career Objective for Nurse Job:

Most of the time career objectives are considered irrelevant by most people because whatever you add in the objective statement, it’s already discussed in the resume. But you don’t understand that the employer doesn’t have time to read every sentence on your resume but they look for headings or keywords to evaluate your application. A career objective statement gives the sense of your compassion, experience and skills you have to perform the job well. For a career objective statement to be meaningful; it’s not necessary to make them lengthy but it should be kept to 2-3 sentences at most. Here are some examples of career objective statements for nurse resume.

  1. Looking for the position of a registered nurse in ABC hospital where excellent education, exceptional experience and top quality training will be put to good use along with excellent communication skills and the skill of being a people person will be highly rewarded.
  2. Seeking the position of a junior nurse at ABC healthcare facility where the employer will benefit from my exceptional people skills and the training that I have from 2 years of associate nursing certificate as well the vast knowledge of hospital equipment and medical procedures.
  3. To be working as a senior nurse at ABC clinic, not only taking care of the patients in the best possible way but also providing assistance to senior staff members including doctors, surgeons and therapists in providing highest level of health care to the patients.

Education Required for Nurse:

The individuals who are interested in becoming nurse can start their education right after high school completion. This is the time when lots of education institutes, colleges and vocational training facilities offer various types of nursing diplomas and courses to the high school graduates. You can either enroll in a 1 year program that will result in nursing diploma or you can also get into a 2 year program that gets you associate degree or nursing either general or specified to a field i.e. surgery, dental etc. Then there is the 4 year bachelor degree program that allows the nurses to become nurse specialists or nurse practitioners but in some cases, 2 years of additional training to complete Masters Degree program is also a requirement.

Required Experience for Nurse:

If you ask anyone around you if they can take care of a patient, the typical answer will be a yes. This is because they only have taken care of their family members in some illness i.e. fever, flu or chicken pox but when we talk about taking care of patients as a profession, it’s more complicated than that and only a few people have the heart to see that many sick people around them and not lose their mind. In order to make sure that you know basic medical procedures i.e. giving injection to a patient, measuring their vitals, installing urine tube or putting bed pan underneath the patients, you need to have good training and past experience of working with doctors. During the education when you learn everything about being a nurse, this is more of theoretical work and when you actually start your job and start doing practical work, you will learn better. Typically nurses are required to have 3-5 years of professional experience for applying at a good hospital.

Key Skills Essential for Nurse:

Nursing is a stressful job where you don’t always see patients getting well and walking out of the hospital but death is as common in a hospital as birth of a child. Being a nurse, you should be able to control your emotions and senses and take corrective actions even if the situation is very complicated. Being a nurse means you will deal with lots of different types of people so you need to have good communication skills and patience. Other important skills include; understanding of filing and record system, knowledge of computer programs, use of medical equipment, critical thinking skills and being able to work long hours under constant stress.

Professional References for Nurse:

People always argue about the use of professional references in a resume. Some find it attractive and useful where others think they are irrelevant and the space should be given to some more important stuff. In either case, it’s common for the employers to ask for references when they accept resumes and in case you don’t see the job advertisement mentioning if you should add the references, maybe it’s up to you but adding references that can vouch for you can never be a bad idea.