Lawyer Resumes

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Lawyers who are also referred to as attorneys are the experienced professionals who represent their clients in courts in any sort of legal and civil cases. When you have a case against someone i.e. if someone violated a corporate agreement or you want divorce from your spouse or you want legal custody of your kids or something serious; presenting yourself in court against murder allegations, you need a professional who can advise you how to proceed with the case, what documents to be submitted to the court, how each hearing will go and what to say and what not to say in the court. This is all done by the lawyers as they fully understand local government rules and regulations and penal codes to successfully win a case.

Career Objective for Lawyer Job:

Someone once said that a career objective statement is like the appetizer that comes before the main course. It is true in some sense because this objective statement actually summarizes the entire resume in 2-3 sentences. One thing that is important to understand is that the career objective should be customized and don’t use a generic objective statement. First understand the requirements of a vacancy and then evaluate what the employer must be looking in the applicants. When you put yourself in his shoes, you will be able to write what you as an employer want to read. Take a look at some examples of career statements below.

  1. An energetic and experienced lawyer is looking for the position of senior lawyer at ABC law firm where excellent knowledge of government rules and regulations and penal codes will be put to effective use.
  2. A well educated individual is searching for the position of entry-level lawyer at ABC legal solutions to start an ever growing career with the help of country’s most prestigious and well reputed senior lawyers.
  3. An individual with more than 4 years of experience in dealing in white collar crime is seeking the position of executive lawyer at ABC Company where I will be bringing excellent government regulation knowledge along with extraordinary training from some of the most experienced lawyers.

Education Required for Lawyer:

Becoming a lawyer is not an easy thing same as its takes lots of hard work and consistency to become a doctor. For becoming a lawyer, you need to familiarize yourself all the government regulations, laws and codes in your residential country along with the understanding of how to represent your client in the court and how to argue in front of the judge with opposing lawyer. Once you have completed high school, you will need to go to college for 4 years of undergraduate study and then you will join a law college for 3 years of law study. The college that you choose to become a lawyer makes all the difference because no matter how hard working and quick learner you are, if you don’t get proper education and training, your hard work is not going to make much of difference. Also, it’s important that the college you choose for law education should be registered with the local bar association so you will have a certified lawyer degree after completion of your education.

Required Experience for Lawyer:

Once you have completed your law education and you get your lawyer’s degree, you will need some time to get used to court hearings and legal procedures and this is what comes with experience. No law firm will hire you as a senior lawyer if you don’t have good experience. As a fresh graduate you can get job of entry level or junior lawyer but with experience, you will move up the ladder. For getting the job of a lawyer at a well reputed firm, you need to have at least 4-5 years of experience.

Key Skills Essential for Lawyer:

A lawyer is a professional who helps their clients with solving legal issues and problems which means they need to have good analytical skills to quickly learn about a problem and think of the best possible solution for it. Lawyers also need to have the skills to work with huge amount of data and information as it’s a routine matter in the life of a lawyer. Being a lawyer, you will be asked to judge a human from his behavior and analyze if he is telling the truth or not. Good communication skills, being able to work under stress and multitasking are just the tip of the iceberg of skills that a good lawyer must possess.

Professional References for Lawyer:

A professional reference is a person who you trust completely that he will talk good about yourself in your absence. This can be a former boss, a coworker that you had a couple of years ago, your subordinate or a work friend from another department. The list of these references can be as long as you want but it’s better to keep it brief and short. It’s never a good idea to add more than 2-3 references in the resume. Once you are selected for the interview or after passing the interview process, you will be asked to give details of your references and then you can add as many references as you like but initially stick to just 2-3 names. One thing that you should keep in mind is to contact to your references and ask for their permission so you can disclose their contact details to another company. You might not think it’s a big deal but it makes a huge difference in informing someone about the call they will get regarding your reputation and credibility.