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HR Consultant Resumes

Download these 21 Free HR Consultant Resume Samples in MS Word Format to study before preparing your own Consultant Resume quickly.

If you ever hired electricians or other handymen for a specific job for your home, you can remember how much you wished that you wouldn’t need to deal with incompatible or wrong people for the job and there should be a way to only get to meet with the most compatible professionals. Well, HR consultants do the same job for companies and organizations as they understand the needs of a company, interview candidates for positions, screen the applicants and only send the most compatible applicants to the company in order to simplify the hiring process for them.

Job responsibilities of HR Consultant:

  • Meeting with companies and organizations
  • Talking about their HR needs and requirements
  • Understanding what a specific company wants to see in his employees
  • Publishing ads for candidates
  • Interviewing the applicants
  • Screening the applicants in order to eliminate the wrong people and only keeping the most compatible candidates
  • Referring the selected candidates to the company and helping them find the perfect employees for their business

Salary of a HR Consultant:

HR consultants are the employees that mostly work as freelancers. Companies hire them for a short period of time and when they complete their responsibilities, they move on to another company and handle different responsibilities. Usually a HR consultant earns around $60000 per year but this figure differs with each company and organization.

Here is preview of a Free Sample HR Consultant Resume created using MS Word,

HR Consultant Resume

Here is download link for this HR Consultant Resume,

Download HR Consultant Resume

Required skills for HR Consultant Job:

  • Excellent decision maker
  • Good thinker
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good with different types of people
  • Excellent analysis of human personality
  • Skilled influencer
  • Collaborative
  • Role model for other employees and interviewees
  • Good skills of reading people’s reactions
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Multitasking
  • Managing new employees, training them and motivating them

Useful tips for creating HR Consultant Resume:

  • It is essential that when you talk about your previous work experience, you just add the jobs up to 10 years old and eliminate the older jobs. If there is a job that is very important but old, there is an exception for that kind of experience.
  • Usually when we are asked to send the resume via email, we attach the original file with the mail and send it but some employers prefer seeing the resume in the mail without opening the attachment. This is why you need to save a draft of your resume that is ready to send in the text form via email. Make sure that it aligns in the email text format as it’s different from MS word alignment.
  • Objective is the most important part of the resume as this decides if the employer wants to read your resume or not. Make sure to write a unique and job description related objective and avoid using readymade or usual types of statements in the objective and create something new.

Always make sure that when you include your previous work history, you include the jobs in the chronological order which means discussing the most recent job first and then going backwards.

Free HR Consultant Resumes:

Here are previews and download links for these Free HR Consultant Resumes.

HR Consultant Resume 01
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