Graphic Designer Resumes

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A graphic designer is the professional who deals with graphics and designs. These professionals either work on paper or draw images and graphics for presentations or they use computer software i.e. Coral Draw or Adobe Photoshop and prepare digital graphics on computer. Usually there are graphic designing agencies that get clients and then the responsibility to serve each client is given to a graphic designer. These designers then meet with the clients; find out what they want to see in the design, what features should be there in the design and how to meet their expectations. Being a graphic designer is one of the jobs where you have the opportunity to either work as a group member in a design firm or they have the chance to work freelance and take as many clients as they can handle.

Career Objective for Graphic Designer Job:

A well crafted graphic designer resume should always include a career objective statement. This statement tells the employer about the aspects of the job that make you excited and the abilities and skills you have to perform better than other on the job. You are not including anything new in the objective statement but the key idea is to summarize some of the most important elements from the resume and combine them in a brief written objective statement. If you are still not sure what a career objective statement should look like, take a look below at some examples.

  1. Exceptionally talented graphic designer with more than 4 years of experience is looking for the job of lead graphic designer at ABC firm where I can utilize my education and experience towards organizational excellence.
  2. Searching for the challenging job of a graphic designer at ABC incorporation where I will be bringing 3 years of on-job experience with the excellent management skills combined with the ability to work on tough timelines and with strict instructions.
  3. A highly motivated and well experienced graphic designer than more than 200 projects on my portfolio is seeking the graphic designer job at ABC Company where highly motivated attitude, attention to detail skills and excellent communication skills are highly rewarded.

Education Required for Graphic Designer:

Graphic designing is a technical job where you need to make graphics and designs using computer software programs. With the increasing use of graphics in regular lives, companies are hiring more of these professionals to handle their marketing campaigns and because of that, many colleges offer graduate degree programs in graphic designing. Having a graduate degree in graphic designing will surely help you land on your dream job because you will learn about all the various designing programs during studies. On the other hand, if you have a high school degree without further education, it might be a good idea to enroll in a short designing course that teaches you the use of popular computer programs.

Required Experience for Graphic Designer:

To become a graphic designer, you need to have proper education and the experience. Dealing with multiple customers is not easy and when they have different sets of approaches and want you to deliver the products as per their expectations, experience is what is going to help you in such scenario. For an entry level graphic designer job, internship with 1 year experience is more than enough but for quickly getting a full account and start bringing your own ideas to the table, you must have at least 4 years of experience.

Key Skills Essential for Graphic Designer:

Key responsibility of a graphic designer is to give life to the ideas that only exist in minds of customers. It’s not an easy job to understand what a client is saying and what he actually wants to see in the final product and this is where strong imagination and creativity comes handy. These are the skills that a graphic designer must have for exceptional performance. Sound knowledge of designing tools is also an essential skill for these designers because they will work with various tools on regular basis and their proficiency should be excellent in all advanced tools and software programs. Multitasking is something that you can’t ignore in graphic designing because most often, these designers will work on multiple tasks and each project would have its own needs and requirements. They should be able to quickly switch from one project to another without hesitation and here strong memory skills are a must-have. Other skills might include; working under pressure, following strict instructions and timeline to meet project deadline and working as an effective part of the team to help each other out.

Professional References for Graphic Designer:

When an employer finds out that you have the proper education and experience for becoming a graphic designer, the next thing they look for is the professional references. Talking to these references will allow them to find out what your former employer thinks of you and if your coworkers or subordinates recommend you to the new employer. While you are working as a freelance graphic designer, you can ask your clients to furnish a recommendation letter if they are satisfied with your expertise. When applying in a new company or meeting with a new client, you can present these contacts as references.