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Executive Assistant Resumes

Download these 21 Free Executive Assistant Resume Samples in MS Word Format to study before preparing your own Assistant Resume quickly.

Executive assistants are the backbone of a company or business in a way as they provide assistance to the executive staff of the company. There are dozens of tasks and responsibilities that the administration or executive staff can’t handle and to perform these tasks, executive assistants are hired.

Job Responsibilities of Executive Assistant:

  • Assisting the executive staff in every way possible
  • Meeting with clients and welcoming them in the office
  • Informing the seniors about the visitors or clients waiting for them
  • Organizing the time of executive staff in the office
  • Creating schedules for meetings and other operations for the executive staff
  • Answering phone calls and directing them to other staff members
  • Preparing meeting rooms for meetings
  • Taking notes during the meetings
  • Preparing documents and other paper work for the executive staff members

Salary of Executive Assistant:

Most of the time, these assistants are hired on hourly basis in order to facilitate them with more flexible hours but there are many companies that hire these assistants on regular salaries. In either case, an executive assistant earns around $50000 per year and when this employee works on hourly basis, they earn around $17 per hour.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Executive Assistant Resume created using MS Word,

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Download Executive Assistant Resume

Required Skills for Executive Assistant Job:

  • Technical skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Being able to work under pressure and stress
  • Excellent skills of time management
  • Good organizational skills
  • Multitasking
  • Planning skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Being able to choose on intuition
  • Accuracy
  • Being able to work with directions

Useful Tips for Creating Executive Assistant Resume:

  • Keep in mind that when there are hundreds of applicants applying for the same job as you, your resume will only get 8-10 seconds of consideration before going into the trash so you better make it worth reading besides just making it cool and stylish.
  • It is not a good idea to include your references in the resume but just add a simple statement at the end of the resume that if they require, you can provide references at the interview but don’t stuff or make your resume messy with the references in the first place.
  • Don’t forget to put a career summary at the end of the resume as this shows that you have done your homework for the position you are applying for and you have the expertise and skills required for the job.
  • There are dozens of formats of resumes in the professional field and each one of them is only suitable in a certain situation. You can’t use the chronological format if you don’t have any experience and if you have it, you can’t use functional resume.
  • The resume is about yourself and it’s pretty much understood by you and the employer so you should never use pronouns in the resume. Make sure to talk neutral without mentioning anything particularly.
  • Always make sure to proofread the resume once or twice or give it to someone else and ask them to go through it for you.

Free Executive Assistant Resumes:

Executive Assistant Resume 01
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Executive Assistant Resume 05
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Executive Assistant Resume 11
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Executive Assistant Resume 12
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Executive Assistant Resume 15
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Executive Assistant Resume 20
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An Account Executive of an organization is a business executive who handles the various accounts of an organization. Once you are aware of the functions and responsibilities of an Account Executive, you will be clearer about what you have to write in the resume. The company expects their Account Executive to be thoroughly skillful according to the company specification and expert at solving any problems that have occurred or left without solving under their company. He has to maintain the economy of the company and is responsible for managing the various accounts of the company.

It is a job which is basically related to finance and management, so the candidate needs to have an equivalent degree or certification on the same course. Two things will be in focus in your Account Executive Resume and you must be careful in writing them. They are your educational qualifications and your experience so far. The age limit is also a qualifying criterion for some employers, so the details about your date of birth and age must be provided under the ‘Personal Information’ section in the resume; attach a copy of your birth certificate with the resume if required by the potential employer.

Let us provide you with a simple but effective format that you can adhere to for writing the resume for the Account Executive position. Like a normal resume, start with your name and contact information. Draw a horizontal line and start writing your ‘Objective’ line. This should be not more than two sentences. Then comes your ‘Educational Qualification’, ‘Personal Qualification’, ‘Accounting Software Skills’, ‘Work History’, ‘Strengths’, and ‘Reference’(optional), and declaration. Remember to follow proper alignment and indentation for the document of resume. According to the standard format of the resume, keep the left alignment using appropriate font and sizes.

When you are writing an Executive Resume for the accounts department of a company, you will need to include details about your executive work experience, work load and the client and customer relation. You should have excellent verbal and written communication skills for this job. The resume should be so designed that it leaves a great impact on the mind of the potential employer. Your resume should be prepared to sell you in front of potential employer, so that that take interest to read your resume full.

Usually Times New Roman is used for resume document at 12 point for body content preparation in black color. However, you can have a bigger size for the titles and bold and italic formatting style can be used for highlighting certain important words and titles in the resume. Never make use of any fancy font and designs in Account Executive Resume.

Always use the first person talk while writing the resume and use polite language; layman or slang language would work as a repellent. In an Account Executive Resume, mention qualities like analytical. Open mindedness, affinity towards numbers, trustworthiness, time management skills, creativity, and strong listening and verbal skills; it will attract the employer in the first glance at your resume.