Event Coordinator Resumes

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There are many jobs that were never there a few decades ago and let’s be honest; these professionals have made our lives easier and luxurious. The job of an event coordinator or planner is a very common and well known job these days and companies and organizations prefer hiring a professional event coordinator to plan a party or social gathering of some kind. These coordinators are responsible from meeting with the client to understand their expectations to deciding the budget of the event to hiring other people for specific duties and responsibilities to actually putting everything together for a successful event. They are also responsible for cleaning up after the event is over. From a general meeting with stakeholders to an engagement party to a wedding ceremony, these event coordinators work with all sorts of functions and parties.

Career Objective for Event Coordinator Job:

A career objective is a short written statement about why an employer should choose you over other applicants. In this statement, you talk about your strengths, the education and experience you have and the job oriented skills you possess. This statement should be given proper thought because it will allow the employer to quickly decide if he should consider your application or move on to the next one. Take a look at some excellent examples of objective statements enlisted below.

  1. A highly experienced individual with exceptional communication and management skills is looking for the job of an event coordinator at ABC Company. Attention to detail, handling multiple tasks at once and dictating specifics needs to group members are some of the skills I would bring to the job.
  2. A motivated and experienced event planner with more than 5 years of experience in executing multiple events at once is searching for a new challenge where I will be seeing handling the job responsibilities with my management skills, job oriented expertise and creativity to fulfill customers’ desires and expectations.
  3. An individual is searching for the job of event coordinator at ABC agency where excellent planning skills, exceptional communication expertise, ability to motivate team members, attention to detail capabilities are required.

Education Required for Event Coordinator:

An event coordinator’s job is one of the areas where the client or customer has to fully rely on the imagination and experience of the professional to see the final product and by the time an event is actually presented, it’s too late to make any changes. Experience is a must-have element for getting a good job but you can’t underestimate the use of proper education as well. If you have planned to adopt event planning career on the long run, you should get graduation degree in hospitality, public relations or some colleges now offer event planning courses as well. With a high school diploma and no further education, enrolling yourself in short courses of budget making, costing, event management and planning is a good idea.

Required Experience for Event Coordinator Job:

Some people say that creativity comes with experience and some say it has nothing to do with the fact that you have spent 5 years performing the same responsibilities over and over. One thing is for sure that you become creative when you open your mind to new experiences, meet with new people and share your thoughts with each other. We emphasize on creativity so much because it’s the one important element without which, you won’t survive as an event planner. Party decorations, different theme settings and bringing something unique to the event are some qualities that you acquire with experience and previous jobs. The more experience you have, the more important and high profile events you can handle but 3-4 years of experience is the basic level required for this job.

Key Skills Essential for Event Coordinator:

Perhaps the most important skill for an event coordinator is to communicate effectively with the clients and team members. Leading a team of workers with different tasks and leading them towards a successfully executed event is something that should be the key goal in your mind as an event planner. Time management and multitasking is also important for an event planner as they will be required to perform multiple tasks in a short period of time and quickly switch from one task to another so everything should be clear in their minds. Attention to detail is a skill that makes an event perfect and you should possess this quality for a successful career. Other skills might include; preparing budget, negotiating with clients and vendors and being highly creative to think of new ideas and themes for the events.

Professional References for Event Coordinator:

Event planners work as a part of large group in organizations and they also have the option to work freelance. This means you are hired by an agency that allows you to take on a client and plan their event. When you are working freelance, you will have the responsibility to convince a client that you are a professional planner. In either case, impressing a client or employer is important and for that purpose, references are given in the resume. These are the contacts that proof your worth and reputation. A former boss or supervisor or previous satisfied clients are some of the common examples to include in the professional reference section on your resume.