Dog Trainer Resumes

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Dog training is a profession where understanding of animal behavior and behavior correction skills come together. A dog trainer works with consistency, patience and communication skills to not only train a certain type of dog for a specific purpose but also instruct their owners about how to train their pets at home without a trainer. Most commonly, these dog trainers work as freelance where they move from one client to another or deal with multiple clients and their pets at once but it’s not uncommon to find these professionals in animal shelters and veterinary clinics. Some of the key responsibilities and duties of a dog trainer include; pet obedience, modification or correction in behavior, aggression or anger management, hunt training and therapy training. A dog trainer is usually trained to work with all types of dogs and perform all sorts of training but it’s up to each individual if they want to take one specific field or breed to work with.

Career Objective for Dog Trainer Job:

One thing that allows the employer to stop and spend more time on the resume is the career objective statement. This statement tells the employer what your goals are, what you have achieved, how many skills you have that will benefit you on your future job and the general idea of why the employer should hire you. Here are some common examples of career objective statements below.

  1. A well trained and highly experienced individual is looking for the job of a dog trainer at ABC rehabilitation center to train dogs with temperament issues and behavior disorders and creating a peaceful environment at work where dogs are treated with respect and patience.
  2. To obtain the position of a dog trainer at ABC training facility and becoming the part of a nationwide organization to serve for a better purpose in the community. With me, I am bringing vast knowledge of behavioral issues in dogs, positive reinforcement training and dealing with different breeds for specific reasons.
  3. Searching for the job of dog trainer and becoming the part of an increasingly growing occupation and bringing 3 years of experience in therapy dog training and would like to serve a well reputed organization for the betterment of dogs in human communities.

Education Required for Dog Trainer:

As a pet owner, you understand how important it is for your dog to be trained by a well experienced and education trainer. You will be amazed to see that with everything being taught in colleges from making a burger at KFC to making cheese as a pro, there are no professional degrees for dog trainers. It’s not like you can go to a college, study for 1 or 2 years and at the end, you are awarded with a dog training degree. Fortunately, there are many training institutes that offer these pet training programs to individuals. For getting yourself enrolled in one of these programs, you need to have at least high school graduate. First there is the training school where you study for up to 2 years and during this time; you learn everything about how to train a dog or how to correct behavior issues in a pet. In the school, you will also attend lectures and practical training under supervision of an experienced dog trainer.

Required Experience for Dog Trainer:

Education teaches you what to do but how you should do it comes from the practical experience. The same thing goes for the dog training professional who have experience working with various dog breeds and correct behavior issues and train dogs for specific purposes. the skills of understanding why a dog is behaving in a bad manner or how he responds to different parts of therapy or how he learns faster are some of the questions that your experience will teach you. This is why when you are studying in the school for dog training diploma, you are required to spend more time with pets and dogs so you gain experience with the animals and understand their behavior. A general diploma in dog training requires you to spend at least 300 hours with the pets before you qualify for the final test.

Key Skills Essential for Dog Trainer:

For becoming a successful god trainer, you need to have the skills of basic handling of pet animal and different techniques to train the dog. This includes teaching the dog basic obedience, various reward systems, voice commands, persuasiveness, handling stressed situations well and positive reinforcement methods. You also need to have the sense and ability to understand the basic issues with the behavior of a dog. This is important because behavioral modifications can’t be done unless core problems are dealt with. Then there comes the communication skills that you need to communicate with the dogs including verbal skills, body language skills, being a team player and leadership skills.

Professional References for Dog Trainer Job:

From a manager to a supervisor to coworkers to friends that you had in the previous company, there are many people who will be more than happy to vouch for your professional credibility and reputation. This can be done by giving professional references in your resume. You can emphasize on your reputation and experience all you want but that’s not going to change hiring manager’s mind but stating your professional references will surely tell them that there are people who can guarantee your reputation to a new employer. Being a dog owner is a hard job because not everyone trusts an unknown dog trainer. Pet owners usually prefer to go to a doctor or trainer who has good references so they can first check him out, ask about his capabilities and then consult with him. You can nudge the future employer or a client to the right direction by adding your references in the resume. From your previous manager to a supervisor you had to some of the satisfied clients, these are the people who should go on your resume as references.