Dentist Resumes

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Dentists are the professional doctors of teeth and oral health. These are the educated and well trained professionals who know how to treat a teeth related problem or how to instruct their patients for any correction or to overcome some oral problem they have. When you have pain in your teeth, a cavity that hurts really badly or you just want to get your teeth cleaned, you go to a dentist’s clinic. Most commonly, these dentists work in their private clinics but finding one in a hospital in the oral health section is also very common. Usually a dentist can treat any patient but sometimes these get their education and training in particular areas i.e. dentist for kids who also known as pediatric dentist, endodontic who deal with dental pulp relevant problems and then there is periodontist who deals with problems related to structure of teeth or a disease that affects strength of the teeth.

Career Objective for Dentist job:

No matter how much time you spend on preparing a resume, one thing is for sure that the employer or the hiring manager will only look at it for a few seconds and then they will move to the next applicant. This is the harsh but true reality of hiring process where hundreds of applicants apply for a single vacancy and the hiring staff has to go through each of these applications to find suitable fits. By understanding this process, you will get the point of focusing on your resume and making it appeal interesting enough to get further consideration. Adding a career objective statement in your resume is a good idea as long it’s not generic and you prepare it by keeping your desired job and company in mind. Take a look below at some examples of career objective statements.

  1. To achieve the state of perfection on the job, providing mental fulfillment to patients and relaxing environment to visitors while keeping harmony and peaceful atmosphere in the office.
  2. A well educated and experienced dentist with more than 10 years of experience is seeking the position of chief dentist at ABC hospital where I will be allowed to use my vast knowledge about dental procedures and patient’s well being.
  3. Enthusiastic and diligent professional dentist with more than 6 years of experience is looking forward to join ABC hospital at senior dentist and I am bringing extraordinary knowledge of dental procedures, dealing with complex equipment and well trained for advanced techniques of patient’s well being and hygiene.

Education Required for Dentist:

For becoming a dentist, you need to enroll in a dental college where it can take at least 2 years or maximum 6 years depending on area of specialty. Most of the dental colleges require the applicants to have taken science subjects in high school and during graduate education. There is a wide list of science subjects that somehow relate to dental working including; biology, chemistry, anatomy or any other subject. Being a high school degree holder is not enough and you need to have graduation diploma before getting accepted into a good dental college.

Required Experience for Dentist:

Being a good dentist means you have quality education and you have enough experience to deal with all sorts of oral and dental problems. In the dental college, your teachers will focus more on practical work than theoretical courses because it’s the practice that makes you perfect. Studying about the procedure of removing damaged teeth is one thing but practically doing it is something else. Most of the good hospitals require their dentists to have at least 5-7 years of experience before joining the healthcare facility.

Key Skills Essential for Dentist:

According to some studies and researches, most of the dentists have helping, building and thinking skills. These interests refer to using dental equipment and advanced tools, researching how a problem occurs and how to prevent it and assisting patients in reference to oral hygiene, taking care of their teeth and health counseling. Being a dentist requires to have good communication and people skills. You will see dozens of patients on regular basis so you need to know how to interact with them and in the clinic or hospital, you will have dental assistants to help you so you need to have good communication skills for instructing their responsibilities and what they suppose to do and how to do it. Some of the most important skills for a dentist are being detail oriented and multitasking.

Professional References for Dentist:

If you ask your friends what they think of adding professional references in your resume, maybe they will argue against it and in some cases, it is right not to include reference in the resume. Employers and hiring managers don’t have time to contact the references before selecting suitable applicants and most of the time, after the interview, if an applicant seems a good fit for the organization, the hiring committee will ask for their references. If you decide to add references in the resume, make sure to use their names and not the complete contact information. One reason for not giving contact details of your references is because it’s private they might not like anyone to share their contact info with anyone. Being an experienced dentist means you have worked in more than 1 hospital and private clinics. This also means you have worked with lots of people including other dentists, assistants and doctors in the hospital. Mentioning names of few of those people on your resume along with your relation with them and the duration for which you worked with them will help the employer understand your credibility.