Dental Assistant Resumes

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The simplest and most common description of what a dental assistant does is to assist or help the senior doctors in the clinic or hospital but in real world, their work is not as simple. These assistants perform variety of tasks and responsibilities in routine day from preparing operation rooms to getting the patient ready for the checkup or a procedure to providing necessary equipment and tools to the dentist during procedure to cleaning up after the procedure or operation is done for the next patient. Because these assistants first get their education and career oriented technical training from a dental college, they know and understand everything about dental procedures. That’s the reason if a procedure is not complicated i.e. cleaning teeth or filing a cavity, senior doctors ask their assistants to perform these procedures and only get the seniors involved if there is some complication.

Career Objective for Dental Assistant Job:

A career objective statement in a resume is a must have especially for technical jobs i.e. dental assistant’s job. This objective statement tells the employer about the skills and capabilities you have, professional goals and the position for which you are applying for. This statement gives a quick reason to the employer or hiring manager to spend more time on your resume and give it thorough consideration. Adding a generic career objective is never the right thing but this statement should be written as per the job you are applying for and the skills you have. Below are some common objective statements to follow.

  1. An experienced and motivated individual is looking for the job of dental assistant at ABC clinic where I will be allowed to apply hard earned expertise and technical dental assistance skills.
  2. An individual with good experience, attention to detail skills and excellent people skills is seeking for the job of dental assistant at ABC hospital and looking forward to work under supervision of experienced dentists to grow career and become more professional.
  3. Result driven and experienced individual is pursuing the job of dental assistant and offering skills in patient care, advanced knowledge of dental and surgical equipment with 1 year training of prepping operation theaters for various kinds of procedures.

Education Required for Dental Assistant:

The individuals and students who wish to become a dental assistant might need to start as early as high school where they should take anatomy, biology and chemistry as major subjects. Although it’s not a requirement but when you have basic understanding of how a human body works, it helps in further education and vocational training programs. Around the world, there are various institutes in each country that offer these diplomas and degree programs for becoming a dental assistant. Usually the most common course expands up to 1 year where the students enroll in community colleges, vocational or technical training institute or a dentistry college. After completion of the course, the students are given diploma that allows them to work as assistants in private clinics and hospitals. There are also some courses available that require 2 years of education and practical work with instruments and equipment under supervision of experienced dentists and at the end, this result into an associate degree rather than just a diploma.

Required Experience for Dental Assistant:

When a human life is involved in the work place, the job becomes crucial and demands more experienced staff handling the work. One of these jobs is the job of dental assistant. These assistants can be seen in private clinics and all sorts of hospitals where patients come for their dental problems. The experience that these assistants have decides if they will be hired at a good hospital or clinic and if they will grow in the field or not. The experience that these assistants have teaches them how to deal with patients on daily basis, how to prepare the operation room for each procedure, how to assist the dentist during routine checkups and procedures and how to clean up the room for next appointment. A dental assistant with more than 3-4 years of experience is considered a good choice for any hospital or clinic.

Key Skills Essential for Dental Assistant:

Being a dental assistant means you will deal with all sorts of patients on regular basis. Some of these visitors will come for routine checkup while others will have some problem i.e. pain in their teeth or a cavity that hurts. In this case, the patient might be overwhelmed by the pain and might create a hostile situation if he is not checked by the dentist soon. The dental assistant should have proper manners and people skills to keep the patients calm and relaxed while they wait for their turn. Extensive knowledge of dental related equipment and tools is also important for a dental assistant. Other important skills include excellent organizational and management skills, being able to work under stress for long hours, multitasking and good communication skills.

Professional References for Dental Assistant:

Before you complete your resume with professional references, the bigger question is if you should add references in the resume at all? The answer to this question varies from one employer to another and from one company to another. Some employers want to talk with previous employers before hiring an individual while some think it’s better to interview the applicant and see if he is capable to handle job responsibilities. In either case, it’s possible that the company or employer will specify if they want applicants to add references in the resume or keep them until they are discussed in the interview. If you are asked to give references, make sure to enlist the names of people who you have or had good relations with. It’s never a good idea to add the name of an angry subordinate or a former employer who wasn’t satisfied with your performance.