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Dental Assistant Resumes

Download these 22 Free Dental Assistant Resume Samples in MS Word Format to assist you in preparing your own Assistant Resume quickly.

As a dentist you can understand that it is not possible for you to perform all the duties and tasks in the clinic or hospital by yourself and even if you are not a dentist, it is quite easy to understand for you that a single person can’t perform all the responsibilities in the work place and he needs some assistance or help to manage less important stuff. Dental assistants are hired for the same reason that senior dentists can’t do all the work by themselves and they need some help from other staff as well.

Job Responsibilities and Duties of Dental Assistant:

  • Making sure that the dentist gets assistance before, during and after every dental procedure
  • Assisting the patients in the clinic, asking about their medical history, condition and preparing their files for the dentist
  • Helping and assisting the patients and their families before, during and after the treatments
  • Maintaining the equipment in the clinic for medical procedures
  • Preparing the operation table or chair for each patient and assisting the dentist with the equipment during the procedures
  • Providing the patients with the brochures or any other kind of written material about dental care and hygiene

Salary of Dental Assistant:

The salary of dental assistants vary as the government hospitals pay them better salaries as compared to private hospitals and clinics but most of the time, these assistants are hired on hourly basis with flexible work hours. Some assistants are hired on regular salaries which start from $55000 per year where mostly these employees are hired on hourly rates which vary from $10 per hour to $15 per hour. Also when the assistant is only hired to assist the patients with their needs and requirements, he doesn’t get that good salary as compared to one who has attended a medical school and can handle more responsibilities.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Dental Assistant Resume created using MS Word,

Dental Assistant Resume

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Download Dental Assistant Resume

Essential Elements in a Dental Assistant Resume:

  • Personal information
  • Objectives
  • Education
  • Work related experience
  • Awards and accomplishments
  • Hobbies/favorite activities
  • Job related skills
  • Computer skills
  • Reference for previous employment
  • Community or welfare work

Useful tips for Writing a Dental Assistant Resume:

  • Don’t forget to create separate sections in the resume such as the personal information section, previous employment section, education section and skill and expertise section.
  • Always make sure to proofread the resume once or twice or give it to someone else and ask them to go through it for you.
  • Make sure that there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes on the resume.
  • Eliminate the irrelevant or less important stuff and it is better if you start with the most important stuff and at the end, if there is some space left, you can put the less important details.
  • Don’t forget to put a career summary at the end of the resume as this shows that you have done your homework for the position you are applying for and you have the expertise and skills required for the job.
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The dentist is an important aspect of the medical field in the modern world; others being general physician and then there are specialists in several fields of medicine separately. Previously I have shared here some sample Medical Assistant Resumes to allow medical students come up with their own professional resume in minutes. Dentists are an important part of the present day medical field and play an important role in the problems related to the teeth and other oral issues. Dentists always need someone else to assist them during their procedures and in other dental related management chores. Dental assistants have to help out the dentists and such team etc. during procedures and while dealing with the patients. Dental assistants are sometimes also to be indulged in management of dental clinics and dental medical facilities. You can easily find sample dental assistant resume online to create your very own professional looking resume in minutes.

Dental surgeons and dental health related institutes are the main employers of dental assistants; such individuals or groups are always interested in hardworking and brilliant individuals who have proper knowledge and necessary experience in the field of medicine, specifically related to the dental health. Dental assistants are expected to be familiar with the problems of people facing troubles related to oral issues and how to deal with them; they are also needed to understand how to assist the superior dental surgeon or physician they are assisting. Dental assistants need to be attentive and have serious attitude towards this job.

Dental assistance, if looked from the view of opportunities and job scope, gives a very positive result. Dental assistance if pursued as a profession has very bright opportunities for the individuals in this profession. There is always a lot to learn when one is dealing with the people in real life having serious dental problems. The experience gained is indeed a great fortune to have for next stages in the career. Through dental assistance, one can avail opportunities offered by the medical facility or the hospitals etc. which include accommodation and other utilities of daily life. There are attractive salaries paid by such employers that also makes it a good deal to have.

Like all the other professions, when you are going to apply for a position vacant for a dental assistant, one of the many things is to write a resume prior to everything else. People find it really confusing over times about what to include. Take a look at the few handy tips.

  • The first thing like all the other resumes is to include your brief but complete basic introduction. You have to mention your name in full.
  • The next thing is to mention your experiences you have had in this field of profession. It is quite possible that one is writing his or her first resume where there is no experience. In that case, an internship can be mentioned of course.
  • Include your qualifications afterwards; it is a good idea to mention any extra ordinary achievements you had during that period. All the training which qualify for the expertise of this career should be included for your own good.
  • Remember to stay in an order; choose one and then stick to it throughout the resume.

A few things you might not want to do in writing your resume are thought to be the following:

  • Grammatical and spelling mistakes of any type are strictly not allowed.
  • Do not randomize the order of the things you are mentioning; as stated earlier choose an order and then stick to it for the rest of the document.
  • Refrain yourself from including irrelevant details.