Date Entry Supervisor Resumes

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The employees who input data in computer system or database are known as data entry operator and the person who manages their work is known as the data entry supervisor. As the name states, these supervisors are hired to supervise and lead group of data entry operators. Their most common responsibilities include; playing vital role in hiring process for these operators, training the new staff members, supervising their work and performance, correcting errors and mistakes, instructing the team members for overcoming a certain problem and most important is performance evaluation of each employee. There is another collection of Data Entry Resumes that you can review as an alternative to these sample resumes.

Career objective for Data Entry Supervisor job:

When it comes to applying for a job, people write all kinds of resumes and cover letters. Some of these are career oriented and only have necessary information where some people tend to add irrelevant stuff in their resume as well. One thing is for sure that a resume is your first impression in front of the future employer and it should be good. A career objective statement is becoming more and more popular in resumes these days. This statement allows the employer or selection committee to instantly evaluate each applicant and to decide if any further consideration should be given to his resume or not. Take a look at some examples of career objective statements below.

  1. Have in depth and extensive knowledge and understating of data entry procedures in a well reputed organization. Currently looking for a new challenge to join a multinational corporation as data entry supervisor and work towards organizational excellence.
  2. A well educated individual with more than 5 years of data entry supervision experience is searching for the job of senior data entry supervisor at ABC Company that allows me to use my troubleshooting and leadership skills.
  3. To secure an advanced job of data entry supervisor at ABC organization with excellent supervision skills and management expertise. With my experience and capabilities, I would like to work for a growing organization that helps with career grooming.

Education Required for Data Entry Supervisor:

Data entry operators are technical employees who punch data in the computer system and these employees are usually hired after high school diploma with up to 6 months training on the job. On the other hand, it’s important for the data entry supervisor to graduate in computer science, IT relevant firm or specifically in database. There are various institutes that offer technical degree programs for data entry work and having a graduate degree in a relevant field increases your chances of getting the job.

Required Experience for Data Entry Supervisor:

There is no doubt that education is important. This is what makes us humans because we are the only living species that gets educated. But in real life, education alone can’t help you unless you have experience. Most of the data entry supervisors start their career as data entry operators and with experience, they move up the ladder to become supervisor, manager or even a data entry analyst. This job is all about making sure that your subordinates are working flawlessly and there is no error or mistake in the data and it’s highly unlikely that a fresh graduate is hired for supervisor job. Usually employers look for applicants with at least 5 years of experience in data entry punching.

Key Skills Essential for Data Entry Supervisor:

Being a data entry supervisor means not only that you will handle your work, but somehow the responsibility of your subordinates’ work also lies on your shoulders. As the supervisor, you will get the assignments and then you will decide how to distribute responsibilities among team members. This needs strong leadership qualities and conflict resolution skills. To become a good supervisor, you should have multitasking and critical thinking skills as well as good problem solving expertise. Seeing an error and troubleshooting is a big part of this job and it requires special technical skills. Vast knowledge of computer systems, database, types of data and good typing speed are also some of the skills that employers look for in the applicants.

Professional References for Data Entry Supervisor:

Professional references are the people who have known you somehow or the people who have worked with you. These can be former employers, supervisors or even team members. The bottom line is that when you apply for a job, your resume tells everything to the employer but to make sure you are not lying, they need to check the details. For that purpose, the employers ask for references. By contacting the people you named in the resume, they discuss about your previous jobs, your performance and most importantly, they are interested in what your former employer has to say about you.