Database Administrator Resumes

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IT network in any organization is the life blood for day to day tasks. Most of the organizations and firms rely heavily on computer systems which means the longer the system is offline or has some error, the more time will be wasted where employees sit around waiting for the system to be back online. The key responsibility of a database administrator is to handle and maintain the database system of an organization. This includes installing new features, eliminating potential hazards, helping other employees with their computers, removing errors and viruses from the system and improving the overall efficiency of the database for smooth and quick response. If you are a database administrator, think of yourself as IT police who doesn’t let anyone mess up the system and works around the clock to keep the system running smoothly and without any errors.

Career objective for Database Administrator Job:

Companies and organizations are getting more professional each day. This means traditional methods of running a company are no longer effective and employers look for the professionals who can bring something new and exciting to the company rather than just doing day to day tasks. If there is an opening of a database administrator job, dozens of people are going to apply. You should understand that you are not the only one qualified for the job but some people might have more and better experience than you.

Before it’s the interview where you can tell the employer why he should choose you, the responsibility of getting you an interview falls on the shoulders of your resume. A customized resume that portrays the details that the employer wants to see in an applicant is something that you shouldn’t take lightly. You can’t add more experience or education than the experience you actually have but you can work on the career objective statement. This statement quickly tells an employer if the applicant has what it takes to perform the job and if he should be given the chance of presenting himself in front of a selection committee. Take a look at some of the examples of objective statements written below.

  1. Looking for the position of a database administrator at ABC Company where it can benefit from my excellent technical skills, hard earned experience of maintaining database and my attention to detail capabilities.
  2. Detail oriented and highly motivated individual with more than 4 years of on-job experience as a database administrator is looking for new challenge to utilize my knowledge of database maintenance.
  3. An individual with 5 years of experience at 2 companies is looking for database administrator position at ABC Company and leading the team of data entry operators towards better performance and higher productivity.

Education Required for Database Administrator:

By this time you know that a database administrator is responsible to handle and maintain company database that records all the important details and sensitive information that should be kept private and secure. This makes it more crucial for the individual applying for the job to actually have the education required to become a database administrator. Employers look for individuals with graduation in IT solutions, vast knowledge of database languages, experience with handling regular problems and the technical awareness of how to troubleshoot a problem quickly.

Required Experience for Database Administrator:

If you have no experience of handling a database on your own or you can just add an internship of 6 months on the resume, maybe you should look for an entry level job where you will work under supervision of an experienced administrator and with gaining more experience, you will work up the ladder. Experience of at least 4-5 years is the one thing that no employer would compromise on when hiring new staff members.

Key Skills Essential for Database Administrator:

As a database administrator, you will lead a team of data operators which means not only that you need to highly motivated but you also need to possess the capabilities of a great team leader. Skills like attention to details, handling large group of employees with efficiency and working on multiple projects are must-haves for such a job. The ability to quickly move from one task to another is also important for these administrators. Other skills include; excellent multitasking skills, strong mathematical skills, knowledge of routine errors and their solutions and most importantly, being highly organized.

Professional References for Database Administrator:

By keeping good relations with your employer and coworkers will not only help you on the job but when you decide to switch companies, these are the people who will be contacted to find out if you should be hired. Your employer has all the information about you because you have worked under his supervision for a long time. When applying for a job at a new company, you can add names of your former employers and coworkers as professional references so they can talk you up and give their recommendations.