Data Entry Resumes

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Understanding the job of a data entry operator is pretty simple. The title says it all that the person hired on this job will be responsible for entering data into various computer database systems. Companies usually hire multiple data entry operators depending on their work load and the amount of data they put into the system. The operators are not only responsible to enter data but their key duties also include maintaining the data base, managing the records and often they also need to collect the data as well.

Career Objective for Data Entry Operator Job:

When you think about the job of a data entry operator, it might not seem very interesting or exciting. You are not a developer who plays with codes and invent apps and programs but your job is to input data into the database. Employers understand this key aspect of this job so when they are hiring new operators, they look for enthusiast applicants who actually like this job or find it interesting to sit in front of a computer all day and add data files one after another. Your resume should portray that you actually like entering data into system and career objective is the one part that shows it all. It’s the most important part of your resume that you can be creative with. Other details i.e. education and previous experience will go as it is on the resume but the career objective statement should be eye catching so the employer takes your resume into further consideration. Here are some examples of career objectives statements that you can include in your resume.

  1. Seeking the position of an entry level data entry operator job at ABC firm where I can utilize IT relevant skills that I learned during my graduation in computer database and work towards a professional and promising career with administrative support from the organization.
  2. Pursuing a job of data entry operator at ABC Company and with me, I have 3 years of experience as an accounting data entry operator. Looking forward to apply the organizational and data management skills that I acquired at my past job.
  3. A well organized individual with 2 years of experience in maintaining database is looking to find a job of data entry operator at ABC organization where my attention to detail skills and excellent administrative capabilities will be utilized.

Education Required for Data Entry Operator :

When it comes to a technical job i.e. data entry operator, web developer or software engineer, technical knowledge is always preferred over regular education. If an employer is to choose between a graduate with no experience and a high school dropout with 2 years of experience in database, he would prefer the second option because this individual has the on-job experience of maintaining a database. High school degree is usually the minimum requirement by most employers. The applicants are also required to have excellent knowledge of how a database works which means they should get a short term diploma in database maintenance.

Required Experience for Data Entry Operator:

If you have no former experience of entering data into computer system, you should consider getting an internship of at least 6 months before applying for such a job. Employers prefer experienced applicants who have previously worked in an active position of data entry operator. If you have more than 3 years of experience with 2-3 companies, your application will be considered thoroughly by the employer.

Key skills Essential for Data Entry Operator job:

When we talk about a job that requires workers to sit in front of a computer for 8 hours and 6 days a week, not many can handle this pressure. Doing the same thing over and over gets boring and it can exhaust the employees. A person who is applying for data entry operator job should have the capability of working on computer for longer periods of time. Other skills include excellent computer knowledge, typing speed of more than 50 WPM and strong grip on the language so they don’t make grammatical or spelling mistakes. Time management skills and capabilities to handle large amounts of data are also important for this job.

Professional References for Data Entry Operator job:

Professional references play a vital role in getting ahead of other applicants. Once the interview is done and the employer or selection committee has selected 2 or 3 applicants for the position of data entry operator, it all comes to who can provide the better references. Off course the most important reference to add in the resume is your former boss or supervisor. He has observed you worked under his radar for quite some time so he knows your weaknesses and strengths and if he was in fact happy with your performance, he will be glad to recommend you to another employer. Other people who can help here might include your coworkers, your subordinates and close friends.