Chef Resumes

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Chef is a professional cook that works in a restaurant, a fast food place or a hotel and prepares meals for the customers. Next time when you go to a fancy restaurant and your food is presented nicely in a plate with multiple courses with an exotic looking dessert at the end, think of this as a piece of art from a professional artist known as the chef. Chefs in restaurants are responsible for preparing meals for customers but their responsibilities include further tasks i.e. checking food quality, ordering items with low stock, experimenting with various ingredients to make new dishes or enhance taste of existing recipes and most importantly, guiding the kitchen staff members with routine tasks.

Career Objective for Chef Job:

A career objective statement in a chef’s resume has the same importance as salt has in beef steak. You can present your resume without the statement but it will lack a certain appearance that employers are familiar to see in job applications. If you want to land a chef’s job in a good restaurant, you need to craft your resume so your application gets noticed by the employer. Along with adding the essential details in the resume i.e. education, experience and personal skills, the one thing that you need to focus on is the objective statement. Below are some examples of career objective statements to use when you apply for chef’s job.

  1. Seeking the position of head chef at ABC restaurant where I can utilize my culinary skills, experimentation techniques with various ingredients and knowledge of south pacific cuisine.
  2. Looking for a job of chef at ABC restaurant where I will have the opportunity to experiment with fusion meals, use my time management skills and lead a team of kitchen experts to satisfy customers.
  3. Wanting to be hired by a professional restaurant to accept a challenging position of head chef and lead a motivated team towards customer satisfaction and excellent hospitality environment.

Education Required for Chef Job:

Education is not what matters when it comes to a chef’s job. These professionals are usually hired as line cooks in the kitchen and under supervision of an expert chef, they move up the ladder to become a head chef. Five star restaurants and Michelin star food places usually require their chefs to have at least graduation degree with short courses in culinary science but small town places or fast food chains’ owners don’t look for higher education but practical work and on-job experience is more important to them. In either case, if a chef is going to follow recipes, experiment with various ingredients, they should at least have high school degree.

Required Experience for Chef Job:

Professional experience is what matters the most when it comes to a job i.e. chef. The more time you spend in the kitchen experimenting with foods and ingredients, the better their cooking skills get. Chefs who have worked in various types of restaurants i.e. authentic food places, fusion food places or even a place that offers international cuisine, allow the cooks to gain better understanding of food and apply their experience in various ways to provide something unique or a different taste to the customers. As a chef, if you have 3-4 years of experience on your resume, you can get job at any good restaurant.

Key Skills Essential for Chef Job:

When we talk about the skills that a professional chef should have, the only thing comes to our minds is that they must be good with cooking various types of foods and accommodate each customer as per their needs and requirements. But, in reality there are many other skills that a chef should possess including excellent time management skills to accommodate hundreds of customers with unique meals every day. Working under stress and pressure is also something that a chef should be familiar with because in restaurant, thing might seem calm and relaxed but back in the kitchen, it’s like a scene from war front. A chef should have calm and relaxing nature to work in such an environment and he should have the skill to work under specific instructions from customers on regular basis.

Professional References for Chef Job:

Most of the employers want to see the references provided by the applicants. This gives them the chance to evaluate each applicant in the light of what their former employer says about them. While you are preparing the resume for chef’s job, you should be able to produce recommendation letters from your previous employers or have their names to give as professional reference in the job application.