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Certified Lifeguard Resumes

Download these 20 Free Certified Lifeguard Resume Samples in MS Word Format to study before preparing your own resume for Lifeguard Job.

A Resume used for ‘presenting’ yourself for specific jobs. Since it is to be used for formal purposes, you must make your CV as formal as possible. Do not make it long by adding needless details, adding redundant information, making them fancy, using intricate language and incorrect grammar. It is supposed to introduce you at a glance. Unnecessarily long CV’s annoy the reader. Plus, be wary about getting a neat print. Spilled ink or a bad photo put a very bad impression on the reader. A CV can be hand written too but in today’s world, it is wiser to get it computerized.

Résumés are needed for applying to all kinds of jobs, for the post of a certified lifeguard too. He is a person who is responsible for taking care of the people at a swimming pool or a beach. He saves people from drowning or getting harmed in any way along with training them for swimming. Let’s see how to make a good Certified Lifeguard Resume.

The first step is to give basic information such as name, address, age, gender, religion and nationality. Give full name and complete address. Be careful about giving the contact number which is in use. If you give redundant contact information the organization will not be able to reach you and you will lose the job.

In a paragraph, write your career objective. This should explain to the reader what you want in life, especially by joining this job. Cite yours aims and ambitions in a clear and simple language. Do not make it very lengthy. Keep it as brief as possible. Tell the reader what you want to become in life, why you are applying for this job and what makes you suitable for it.

Next, state your experiences. Write about any hotels, training centers or guesthouses where you have worked before any accomplishments you have earned there. If it is gets pretty long make a separate part for skills and qualifications where you will state about any awards, medals, training and certain sessions you ever attended. There is no harm in merging these two portions since they are correlated except if it goes too long.

Then, write about your education. Mention the name of courses undertaken and the names of institutes from where you studied them. It is good idea to mention the years along with them. For both experiences and education, write the most recent ones first.

After all this, add any other details you deem necessary in a concise and concrete form. But do not add any unnecessary information or information that is not related to the job you are applying for.

Here is preview of a free sample Certified Lifeguard Resume created using MS Word,


Here is download link for this Certified Lifeguard Resume,

Download Certified Lifeguard Resume

Lastly, give the heading of ‘reference’ and write, ‘will be furnished at request’.

Having followed all the above steps, you are done with preparing a fine résumé. Now find a well-experienced person and ask him to proof-read it for you. After this, you are all ready to submit your CV for the job of a certified lifeguard!

Free Certified Lifeguard Resumes

Here are previews and download links for these Certified Lifeguard Resume Samples.

Certified Lifeguard Resume 01
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Certified Lifeguard Resume 02
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Certified Lifeguard Resume 03
Size: 12 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 04
Size: 10 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 05
Certified Lifeguard Resume 06
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Certified Lifeguard Resume 07
Size: 11 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 08
Size: 12 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 09
Size: 12 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 10
Size: 11 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 11
Size: 12 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 12
Size: 46 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 13
Size: 41 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 14
Size: 38 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 15
Size: 34 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 16
Size: 43 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 17
Size: 9 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 18
Size: 15 KB
Certified Lifeguard Resume 19
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