Cashier Resumes

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When you go to a supermarket for grocery shopping, the person at the checkout counter who scans the purchased items and receives cash from you is known as a cashier. These cashiers can be seen in banks behind the counters handling customers with cash withdraws or deposits or you can find these individuals at your company in payroll department where they give salaries to company employees each month. A cashier’s key responsibility is to handle cash and other sources of transactions either it’s a bank or a supermarket. Other responsibilities might include maintaining cash register, handling coupons, informing purchase department when stock is low and helping with inventory and goods stacking in the aisles.

Career Objective for Cashier Job:

Being a cashier is not as hard as one might think. Although you need to be good with numbers and understand how to handle cash but practically speaking, anyone can apply for such a job. When you understand that dozens of people would apply for an opening of a cashier’s job, you should go the extra mile to prepare a resume that stands out in the crowd. Sending a generic resume won’t get you an interview. Instead, you need to craft your resume according to the job and most important part of a resume is the objective statement. This statement portrays who you really are, what your capabilities are and what benefits the employer would get by hiring you. Take a look at some of the sample career objectives below.

  1. Highly motivated and self oriented person seeking for a cashier’s job at ABC bank to utilize past experience of handling cash register with excellent people skills and customer satisfaction expertise.
  2. Looking for the job of a cashier at ABC supermarket where I can work as an effective part of a team and to put my experience and mathematical skills to use.
  3. Seeking the position of entry level cashier at ABC enterprise to work with experienced cashiers, utilize my knowledge from 1 year internship and work towards a promising career in the organization with excellent management skills and fast learning capabilities.

Education Required for Cashier Job:

When we talk about a cashier at a bank or supermarket, these are mostly young people who just finished high school or even if they go to a college, they are doing this as a part time job to pay tuition fees. Elderly people working as cashiers have up to 12-15 years of experience for the same reason; completing high school and becoming a cashier. Anyone with graduation or an accounting degree won’t be seen working on a cashier’s job but they work in accounts department. When employers seek new cashiers to hire, they go with at least high school degree and some past experience. If you have a short term diploma in handling a computer program i.e. POS or any other checkout counter software, it will give you extra edge over the other applicants.

Required Experience for Cashier Job:

Cashier’s main job responsibility is to handle incoming cash at the register. It makes perfect sense if an employer wants to hire an experienced cashier to handle cash related duties in the super market or at a bank. Organizations and banks also hire entry level cashiers with no experience but they work under supervision of experienced cashiers and they observe their work for up to 1 year before handling any responsibilities on their own. If it’s not an entry level job, you must have up to 4 years of on-job experience and vast knowledge of handling cash at a register. The more experience you have, the better job opportunities you will get in future.

Key Skills Essential for Cashier Job:

As a cashier, your key role at this job would be to receive cash from customers, giving back the change, maintaining cash register and counting available cash in the register at the end of the shift. Without a doubt, a cashier should be good at math and simple calculations. When you go to a grocery store, you don’t see cashiers using calculators for returning the change but they do this simple math in their heads. Other skills might include working late hours under stress, time management, communication skills to coordinate with other departments and most importantly, people skills. Cashiers would deal with different types of customers on daily basis and they should have the skill to deal with each of them in the appropriate way.

Professional References for Cashier Job:

The professional reference part of a resume enlists the names of your previous employers, supervisors, colleagues and close friends in some cases. These are the people who have known you and seen you at your work performing the duties. If a new employer wants to hire you as a cashier, he might need talk to some people who can vouch for you. This mainly includes the former employer or supervisor who has observed you performing your job duties and responsibilities. If you were in fact a good employee, he would talk about your capabilities and skills and would give an idea to the new employer about why he should hire you.