Carpenter Resumes

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A carpenter is an expert of installing, renovating, fixing and demolishing wooden fixtures. From installing furniture in your living room to adding new cabinets to your kitchen to fixing the broken night table in your bedroom to installing new vanity in your bathroom, there are lots of areas where these professionals show their art and craftsmanship. Carpenters usually work alone as freelancers but it’s not uncommon to find a carpenter in a construction crew as well. You are applying for the position of a carpenter in a construction company or you are trying to land a new client, a resume is the piece of paper that makes all the difference. A well written resume shows your capabilities with wood, your knowledge of different woods and your experience with various fixtures with your excellent skills and this is what makes your future employer to consider your job application.

Career objective for Carpenter Job:

If you take a look at any resume, you will find it interesting that the career objective is the first part that appears on any job application. Everything from your education to your experience and skills you have will come after the career objective. It’s the statement that gives an idea to the employer about why he should consider you. Here are some examples of career objective statements that you can include in your carpenter resume.

  1. Looking for the job of full time carpenter at ABC company where I can utilize my exceptional skills to handle wooden fixtures and my knowledge of use of advanced tools to create an art rather than just a piece of furniture.
  2. Seeking the job of a part time contract carpenter in ABC Company with more than 5 years of on-job experience with the mechanical, technical and attention to detail skills.
  3. Creative and professional individual seeking to join ABC Company as a full time wooden carpenter that would allow me to use my past experience and skills of following instructions, working more than 40 hours a week and my vast knowledge of various types of wooden fixtures to prove my worth.

Education Required for Carpenter Job:

When it comes to a technical job such as carpentry, classroom education is not as important as the technical knowledge that one has from their past experience. But still anyone could do a better job with proper education. The individuals, who know they would be a good carpenter, usually start technical training after high school and that’s the reason we don’t see many carpenters with college degree or graduation certificate. Contractors and clients understand this fact so usually they would seek an experienced carpenter with more than 3-4 years of on-job experience with the basic knowledge of reading a blueprint or set of instructions to follow on a construction site. Possessing short term diploma in carpentry is an additional quality to have while applying for carpenter job.

Required Experience for Carpenter Job:

For a manual labor job where you need to apply physical training and your familiarity with the materials such as a carpenter’s job, previous experience is everything. Any client would prefer a carpenter with good experience over an individual who has lots of diplomas in carpentry but no actual experience. You can get an entry level carpenter job with no experience but for securing a full time carpenter’s job at a well reputed construction company, experience of 4-5 years is a must-have feature.

Key Skills Essential for Carpenter Job:

Professional carpenters work not only with wood but with fiber glass, glass, steel, aluminum and various types of advanced mechanical and electrical tools. Knowledge of different types of wood, installation and building of wooden and metal fixtures, wood molding techniques and use of mechanical tools are some of the key skills that a carpenter should have. Other skills might include mathematical understanding of blueprints, knowledge of different measurement systems, working as a part of large group and dealing with excessive pressure and extra work hours.

Professional References for Carpenter Job:

If you are not a construction carpenter, chances are that you work freelance or without a supervisor and you just move from one client to another. If that’s the case, you won’t have a supervisor or contractor to provide his name on resume as reference but you can ask your clients to write you a recommendation letter at the end of each job. Keep in mind that a recommendation letter is only possible if you are really good at your job. If you have good experience and lots of satisfied customers who would recommend you, you can use that to your advantage in job application process. On the contrary, if you have worked in a construction company with a contractor, you can give his or her name as a reference on resume.