Bookkeeping Clerk Resume

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Bookkeeping clerk job refers to the person who handles record keeping and account details at any institute or organization. These clerks can be found at banks, schools, colleges, credit card companies, government departments i.e. municipal or mayor’s office and any organization either for-profit or non-profit. These are the individuals who possess strong accounting knowledge and excellent financial skills to handle accounts receivable or payable, preparing payroll of employees, handling company budget and preparing profit and loss statements for company meetings.

Career objective for bookkeeping clerk job:

While you are applying for a bookkeeping clerk job, you should prepare your resume in such a manner that the employer has to give extra consideration to it. Sending a generic resume won’t do the job and for such an important position, the resume should be well crafted and customized. One of the most important elements of a resume is the career objective statement. This statements is the first thing that any employer sees on a resume which means it more crucial to be more than satisfactory. Below are some of the examples of career objective statements for the job of a bookkeeping clerk.

  1. Experienced and well educated accountant seeking a challenging role of a bookkeeping clerk at ABC Company to utilize my broad knowledge of accounts and finance with the top of the class graduation degree in accounting.
  2. Highly motivated graduate degree holder is looking for the position of bookkeeping clerk at ABC organization that can benefit from my strong problem solving skills, excellent mathematical expertise and hands-on experience of 3 years from previous job.
  3. Looking to secure a position of bookkeeping clerk at a well known organization to share 5 years of experience with vast knowledge of updated accounting software programs and strong interpersonal skills to work perfectly as a member of highly motivated team.

Education required for bookkeeping clerk job:

Banks and financial institutes i.e. credit card companies and mortgage organizations who hire bookkeeping clerks, understand that these individuals will be responsible for handling accounting books, ledgers and financial records of the company which not only used by the company but anyone from third party auditors to business analysts for a merger to taxation departments. Hiring a fresh graduate for the entry level bookkeeping job is common but companies look for individuals with at least graduate degree in accounts and finance as well some of the extra courses that provide essential assistant on the job. In order to apply for a bookkeeping clerk job, you need to have at least bachelors or masters degree in accounting and finance.

Required experience for bookkeeping clerk job:

Job of a bookkeeping clerk either at a bank or an accounting firm requires most qualified employees. These are the professionals who know how to work with numbers maintain financial statements. Higher management mostly requires on the budget summaries that are prepared by bookkeeping clerks and that’s just one of the many key aspects of this job. If you want to apply for such a job, your resume should include the previous experience that you have on a similar job along with your accomplishments and achievements as a professional accountant. Although bookkeeping is almost similar regardless of the type of the business but most organizations hire employees who have experience of working on a job in a similar organization i.e. banks would prefer bank accountants and credit card companies prefer credit card accountants.

Key skills essential for bookkeeping clerk job:

It’s not rocket science to understand that when you are applying for a bookkeeping clerk job, you need to have strong accounting expertise. But that’s not the full picture. Yes the accounting skills and financial expertise are most essential skills but this job includes working in a team which requires skills of becoming a useful part of an existing team. These accountants will deal with various departments within the organization so they also need to have strong communication skills and the ability to work under stress which is apparently a common scenario when you are responsible for allocating budget for the entire company. Knowledge of relevant computer programs and software is also a must-have because accountants usually work with a computer program to maintain records and prepare ledgers.

Professional references for bookkeeping clerk job:

While talking about a professional bookkeeping clerk resume, one of the most important elements to include is the professional references. This is a list of the people who somehow relate to the experience that you have i.e. previous employers, coworkers etc.  A perfect resume should end with few of the names of people who can vouch for your experience and expertise without the need that it must be a former employer.