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Bookkeeping Clerk Resumes

Download these 20 Free Bookkeeping Clerk Resume Samples in MS Word Format to study before preparing your own Clerk Resume.

There are dozens of account related tasks that the senior accounting or bookkeeping staff can’t handle or doesn’t have time to handle. In order to provide assistance to senior staff with this type of low profile or less important tasks, bookkeeping clerks are hired.

Job Responsibilities of a Bookkeeper Clerk:

  • Supporting and assisting the senior staff members in the office
  • Providing assistance for clerical tasks in the office
  • Help the senior staff to resolve accounting problems
  • Issuing checks for A/P
  • Record business transaction and keeping record of each transaction
  • Keeping receipts and other documents in permanent record

Salary of a Bookkeeper Clerk:

Accounting is a very important career and there are hundreds of positions for different types of employees in this career. Some of these positions are way important such as a CA or head accountant of a company where some of these positions are less important such as accounting or bookkeeping clerk. This is why these clerks don’t make very good salaries and an average bookkeeping clerk makes around $25000 per year.

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Required skills for Bookkeeping Clerk Job:

  • Excellent accounting skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Good organization skills
  • Being able to work well in team
  • Excellent with math and numbers
  • Critical decision maker
  • Detailed oriented person
  • Have keen eye on the figures and numbers
  • The ability to correct the mistakes in time

Useful tips for creating Bookkeeping Clerk Resume:

  • It doesn’t matter if you have done it hundreds of times before but it’s very much possible that you will make some tiny mistakes in the resume every time. This is why it’s essential that when you finish with the writing, you go through the entire content at least twice so that if there is any mistake, you can remove it.
  • Paragraphs are good in resume but bullet points are better. With bullet points, it is easy to understand the content in lesser time but with paragraphs, the reader is needed to read till end to understand the essence of the content.
  • Understand that the key purpose of this resume is to get an interview not the actual job. Keep that in mind and then design the resume appropriately.
  • Most people don’t focus on the contact information and as a result, they usually get the interview but don’t get the call because of the mistake in the contact information. It is very easy to make tiny mistakes in the telephone number or the email address and you need to make sure that you have put the correct details.
  • You need to add some of the keywords in your resume too that are related to the job that you are applying for. This is important especially if your resume will be stored in computer and only these keywords will be the way to access good resumes in the database.
  • Make sure that you add the objective in the resume compatible with the army and the specific position for which you are applying for.

Free Bookkeeping Clerk Resumes

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