Bartender Resumes

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Next time when you go to a bar for couple of drinks with your friends or colleagues after work, take a look at the person who is serving your drinks on the counter. You might not have given him any thought in the past but when you are applying for the job of a bartender, you certainly find him very responsible and he doesn’t appear to be a high school dropout who couldn’t find any better job. Bartenders are becoming one of the must haves for any pub or a restaurant. A bartender is responsible for taking orders from the people sitting at the bar, preparing their drinks and snacks and serving them with appropriate etiquette.

Career Objective for Bartender Job:

When you are applying for an open bartender job, it’s important to keep in mind that you are not the only one sending the application. There will be others who find it a desirable job to be a bartender. This means when there is a pile of resumes on the desk of the employer, each of the application will get 15 to 20 seconds of consideration time and what you need to do is to get the attention of the hiring manager so he gives your resume more thoughts. An important element of a bartender’s resume is to include a career objective that shows that you are the perfect candidate for this position who is meant to work on this position. Here are some of the examples of career objective statements to include in your resume;

  1. To work at ABC restaurant as a bartender and use my earned experience of mixing cocktails and preparing customized drinks for more than 5 years.
  2. An organized and well experienced individual with more than 6 years of on-duty experience of preparing drinks, collecting cash, handling the cash counter and keeping inventory to place order of essential items.
  3. Looking forward to start working at ABC bar as a bartender and to utilize my personalized recipes of some of the most famous drinks that made me most-asked-for bartender at previous job.

Education required for Bartender Job:

Interestingly when you are applying for a bartender job, the employer wouldn’t emphasize on your education what he will focus on how much experience you have how well you performed at your previous job. Formal education is usually not required for getting a job of a bartender at a local bar or pub but when you apply for a five star restaurant, they might ask for at least high school degree with some of the essential courses i.e. certificate of alcohol retailing or a short diploma in handling various types of liquor and mixing them together.

Required Experience for Bartender Job:

Books teach use the knowledge that we require to live a successful life but it’s the practical work experience that lets us discover what an actual job looks like and how to succeed at one. The one thing that would make you desirable bartender for any employer is the professional experience that you have. Handling alcohol and take the responsibility of pouring strong liquor to hundreds of people on daily basis is not something that you can learn from any book. You need to have at least 3-5 years of hands-on experience as a bartender to apply for the next job.

Key Skills Essential for Bartender Job:

On a regular day, a bartender will work from 6 to 8 hours behind the counter mixing and preparing drinks which makes this job more important than it seems. If you put the job of a bartender under microscope, you will be amazed to see how many additional responsibilities they have and the skills they possess to handle work load. For starter; being a good listener and having strong communication skills towards people is a must have quality for bartenders. You need to be able to remember the drinks of each customer and not serve them what they didn’t order. One of the most important skill for landing a bartender job is to give a warm welcome vibe to all customers and handle work pressure at peak hours of duty.

Professional References for Bartender Job:

Bartending is one of the jobs where the employer will instantly evaluate the skills of a new employee as soon he starts pouring drinks and preparing cocktails but adding a list of professional references in the resume can’t harm. Compared to many of the other jobs, adding the name of your regular customers from previous job is more important for a bartender resume than the name of the former employer.