Bank Teller Resumes

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There can be many reasons for a person to visit a bank; from withdrawing cash from his account to deposit cash into his account to processing a mortgage application to issuance of a credit card. Most commonly, banks hire professionals for handling these responsibilities and these are called bank tellers. In a broad sense, there is actually no difference in a teller and a cashier but you will find cashiers in super markets on the checkout counters while banks have tellers working for customer assistance. They perform lots of responsibilities but their key role is to assist the incoming customers with any kind of task.

Career Objective for Bank Teller Job:

In the present world where lesser and lesser people using actual cash and most of them relying on digital money, banks are hiring more and more bank tellers and many researches show that in next 3 to 5 years, there will be an increase of 10% in the demand of bank tellers. This means finding a vacant position of a bank teller is not a problem but keep in mind that when you apply for this job, there will be hundreds of other applicants as well. What you need for your resume to catch the attention of your future employer is a customized and well crafted career objective. This statement gives an overview of what you want to achieve at the job and why the employer should hire you. Here are some of the best written career objectives for a bank teller’s job.

  1. Looking forward to work in ABC bank where I have the opportunity to use my strong people skills and the knowledge of handling cash from my previous experience. I am ready to utilize my strong cash handling abilities and excellent communication skills on this job.
  2. The position of a teller at ABC bank provides me the perfect prospect to utilize the knowledge of banking responsibilities and my strong interpersonal skills to satisfy customer’s needs and requirements.
  3. To combine my strong communication skills with the excellent customer handling abilities and to fulfill my desire for serving people professionally, bank ABC gives me the perfect opportunity to make it one of the best banks in the country.

Education required for Bank Teller Job:

If you are hiring for a bank teller’s job, you have probably done your research on this. You should understand that for becoming a bank teller, you need to have excellent accounting abilities which don’t come from experience alone. You need to have proper education of accounting and handling financial transactions as well. Usually banks seek applicants with at least a college degree in accounting and finance.

Required experience for Bank Teller Job:

Basically there are two types of bank teller’s jobs including an experienced bank teller who starts dealing with financial transactions as soon he is hired and the other for an entry level bank teller. This is the job where banks seek fresh graduates to train them for a period of six months to a year before asking them to handle actual accounting responsibilities. This makes it perfectly clear that if you are applying for bank teller job, you need to have at least 2-3 years of previous experience at a similar position in another bank of a financial firm i.e. credit card company or home loan firm.

Key Skills Essential for Bank Teller Job:

Most people only see the job of a bank teller as the one who handles financial transactions and other clerical work in the bank i.e. record keeping, updating account information and counting cash at the end of the day to close the counter but this job requires more skills than that. At this job, you will deal with various types of customers on regular basis which means you should be good with people and have strong communication skills. On a busy day with a large crowd of customers, you need to keep calm and handle each of them with your management expertise. Problem solving is also one of the key responsibilities of a bank teller because customers will come with different problems and they desire to be dealt with a professional who can answer their questions and queries.

Professional References for Bank Teller Job:

Usually when an employer is hiring someone who will handle cash and online transactions, they require more than a resume and experience letter. What these employers look for is the references that each applicant can provide. There is a long list of people who somehow qualify to be a professional reference including your previous employer, the people you have worked with, some regular customers or any friends that can tell how good you are at your job.