Salesman Resume

23 Free Salesman Resumes

In each company and organization, there are various departments i.e. marketing, sales, finance, compliance, IT and administration. These departments are

Waitress Resumes

The professionals who bring your food to the table and often check to see if everything is okay or if

Teacher Resume

20+ Free Teacher Resumes

A Teacher is the professional who is responsible for teaching or educating students. Although anyone who can teach us something


Security Guard Resumes

Security guards are highly trained and experienced professionals who make sure the safety of an individual or a piece of


18 Free Secretary Resumes

Secretaries are becoming more crucial for any business these days. Company executives and higher level employees hire these professionals who

Project Manager Resumes

Corporate world is changing every day and companies and organizations are becoming more professional with time. With the ever increasing

Office Coordinator Resumes

An office coordinator is sort of administrative assistant who provides support for the efficient work flow in the organization. Some

Office Administrator Resumes

An office administrator is a professional who helps a company or organization run smoothly. Usually people overlap the idea of

Nurse Resumes

Nursing staff provide different services to the patients depending on area of specialization and work atmosphere. Not only that these

Lawyer Resumes

Lawyers who are also referred to as attorneys are the experienced professionals who represent their clients in courts in any