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Junior Underwriter Resume

Junior underwriters who are also known as the executive assistants in banking and insurance sector are responsible for handling more of day to day tasks and low profile responsibilities. As an individual you may think that when you apply for insurance either personal or commercial, insurance companies will accept your request in an instance and they will show their gratitude that you decided to do business with them but in reality, the process of accepting a new client or application for the insurance policy is a little complicated than that. In order to make sure that each applicant or new client in the company is investigated properly and his background is checked thoroughly before processing his application along with preparing the agreement and including specific terms and conditions in the agreement, junior underwriters are hired.

They have the responsibility of meeting with new clients, asking them for the required documents and certificates in case of commercial insurance, working with the HR department and evaluating the financial value of the company, presenting the findings in front of senior staff members, preparing agreements and assisting clients with the meetings. On the other hand, once an insurance claim is filed in the company by an individual, the same junior underwriters start their work by investigating the background of the claim on a lower level and by working with the client; they make sure clients submit all the required documents and papers on time.

Important tips to create Junior Underwriter Resume:

Keep the resume very brief, short and precise to what is important for the employer to know. Most of the time, employers reject the resumes not because the applicants are not eligible for the job but simply because the way they present their credentials is inappropriate. You can try making your resume more colorful by using stylish fonts that are hard to read and more colors to make it look appealing but that’s not how a professional resume should look. Your resume should include a simple font and only black color. You can make important words and headings bold but that’s it.

While discussing your past work experience, it’s a good idea to mention and put details of your former employers and names of companies you have worked in but specifically talking about each job and the responsibilities had on that job is not important. When you include title of a job you had, the employer will understand the type of responsibilities and duties you had so there is no need to include them on the resume.

Do’s and Don’ts of Junior Underwriter Resume:

Unless you are applying for a job in showbiz or outside of your country, there shouldn’t be a picture in your resume. There are some jobs where the employer might need to see your photo before asking you to come for an interview but if job ad shows no such requirement, eliminate your picture from the resume. Using a proper format for the resume is very important but the presentation of the resume is also crucial for first good impression. Most people use Word to craft the resume but you can also use PDF format to create a more professional looking resume.

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Junior Underwriter Resume

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