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Government Contractor Resume

A Government Contractor is an individual or a company that enters in an agreement with a government department to provide services or goods. These contractors work in every field from providing construction services to supplying medical goods to government hospitals to providing professional help in maintaining and establishing a new department or office building. The tasks or projects that government launches or starts for the well-being or welfare of the citizens are mostly handled by the government contractors.

Before hiring any specific contractor for the job, the department will post an ad about the project in local newspaper and invites potential bidder or contractors to submit their documents and credentials. After reviewing all the applications, the employer or the committee responsible for choosing the final contractors will decide which contractor has better credentials and good reputation in the market and who would be the best candidate for the job. After choosing a specific contractor, the government department will craft an agreement and they both will sign it to make sure their respect and obligate their and each other’s responsibilities and rights.

Important Tips to create Government Contractor Resume:

While crafting the resume for the position of Government Contractor, keep in mind that you are not the only one applying for this job and there will be hundreds of other applicants going for the same position so you need to do two things with your resume; stand out of the crowd in a distinguished way and present information to the employer in a way that he takes interest in your resume. You can achieve the first goal by only including the information that is relevant and important for the employer to know and using a good font and outlook for your resume.

Accomplishing the second goal is a little complicated than that. Based on the importance of the job, your resume will only have 15-20 seconds of consideration time and it’s up to you if can convince the employer to take more interest in your credentials in such short period of time. The key to succeed at this point is to make separate sections on your resume with clear and bold headings i.e. experience, education, job related skills and abilities and career summary. This way the employer won’t need to search for the details he wants to find out and by helping him out, you will actually help yourself out.

Do’s and Don’ts of Government Contractor Resume:

You might think that when you add a single phone number on your resume and by chance when the employer calls you and your cell phone is switched off, it will ruin your chances for getting that job but that’s something that usually never happens and if it does happen, you have voicemail so seem desperate or unprofessional by adding more than 1 contact number on the resume. In most states and countries around the world, the employers don’t have the right to ask for religious believes or political preferences to the applicants which means the employer won’t ask for it and you should never include such information on your resume under personal details section.

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Government Contractor Resume

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