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Bilingual Recruiter Resume

It is possible that many people are thinking hard to understand the word bilingual easily but most of them have heard it for the first time. This doesn’t mean that it is a new position in companies and organizations but it’s just a new word for the same old position in organizations. A bilingual employee is the one who can speak more than 1 language frequently. And, it also includes writing, reading, listening, interpreting and talking to the foreign partners in the company. For example, if a company operates from England but it has branches in many other countries, the company will hire bilingual staff who can speak French, Italian, German and Swedish.

In the same manner, the job responsibilities of a bilingual recruiter are pretty much the obvious that when a company operates in a different country with completely different language, it needs a special recruiter who can speak both languages so that the recruitment process is made very easy and time efficient. Bilingual recruiters usually work for the companies that outsource their employees from foreign countries.

Salary of a Bilingual Recruiter:                

This job title is very complicated and around the world, there are different salary ranges for these employees in the organizations and multinational companies. Also there are different approaches of companies as some pay per hour and others pay monthly. This is kind of a part time job for students and old age people who can’t perform any functions on a full time job and they usually prefer this kind of per hour jobs. In Europe, these recruiters get paid around $15 per hour which can go up to $20 in some cases and when they are hired on monthly fixed salary basis, they usually get around $30000-$35000 per year.

Here is preview of a Free Sample Bilingual Recruiter Resume created using MS Word,

Bilingual Recruiter Resume

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Download Bilingual Recruiter Resume

Here are the guidelines to create a bilingual recruiter resume:

  • Instead of an objective, use a career summary which is more enjoyable and fun as compared to an objective.
  • Put your name and contact information like email or mailing address at the top of the resume in bold fonts so employer will immediately notice it.
  • Instead of tasks and duties of previous jobs, discuss your achievements, accomplishments and the quality of office environment you maintained at the previous work.
  • Only add about those jobs which are related to recruitment career and avoid telling about useless stuff like your high school part time job or when you worked as cab driver.
  • Proofread your resume more than once and better ask someone else to do it for you.

Elements not to include in this resume:

  • The most important thing is to consider whether you like this job or not. Sending resume and going to interview is just a waste of time if you are not good with numbers.
  • If you have some kind of problems in the past such as mistake at the previous job, it’s better to discuss it personally during interview instead of telling it in the resume.
  • If you have no work experience, don’t lie about that because even if you get the job, you will be start in the very beginning.
  • Don’t put information about irrelevant jobs which has nothing to do with this career.