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Audit Associate Resume

The purpose of a résumé , or what is more commonly known as a CV, is to ‘present’ oneself for a specific position in some organization. One submits his résumé to the organization where he wants to get a job. Since the objective of curriculum vitae is to impress the reader enough to consider one suitable for the job, it should be presented in a very serious and formal form. It should not be made up of fancy fonts or bright colors and it should not be very lengthy.

There is no fixed way of writing a successful audit associate resume but there are formats that are generally followed. Similarly, there are no hard and fast rules to follow while preparing it but there are general rules that are followed to prepare an impressive CV. If you are reading this article because you want to make a good resume for the post of an audit associate, you would probably be aware of the famous ‘7 C’s of effective communication‘. These are completeness, conciseness, courtesy, consideration, clarity, concreteness and correctness. All of these must be taken care of to prepare an effective résumé . While keeping these in mind, follow the following steps to write a good audit associate résumé .

Mention your name and current contact information, i.e. phone number, postal address and email address. Please make sure you do not give the email address that you do not use or a phone number on which you will not attend calls so as to keep the employer from getting annoyed as well as to increase the chances of getting that job.

Then, give a brief description of your career objectives. Here you will state your aspirations in a very formal manner. The career objective of an audit associate would be something like, ‘A post of an audit associate where my 4 years of experience in conducting quality audit and providing assurance services to all kinds of clients would facilitate the company to grow.’

Next, make a summary of qualifications paragraph. In this paragraph, you will mention whatever qualifications you possess, especially those related to the post for which you are applying. State your expertise and qualities. Also, write down the specific areas which you are good at, e.g. business management, taxation and audit reporting.

A very important area of your audit associate resume will be the professional experience. Here, you will mention the names and addresses of the organizations you have worked with before, your post and responsibilities over there. If you have worked with an audit firm, for example, you should also mention the major clients you have provided services to.

The significance of education and certifications can never be ignored. Experience and qualities aside, the degrees you possess have a great role in getting you a good job. This is a part of the résumé which the prospective employer gives immense importance to. It is better to show your certifications in the form of a table in order to make it appear more clear and easy to understand.

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Audit Associate Resume

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